Jeffrey Knouse convicted for attacking elderly man in vulnerable position -- at a urinal

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Big pic below.
In the wild, predators don't typically go out of their way to challenge the strongest opponents. Rather, they seek out the weakest members of the herd.

Jeffrey Knouse has earned an extended stay at the Cross Bar Hotel for demonstrating this same sensibility on an 81-year-old man simply trying to relieve himself.

In June 2010, according to the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office, Arthur Maes, the victim in question, attended a movie at a complex on Westminster Boulevard. But unfortunately, the action didn't stay on the screen. Instead, it took place in the restroom.

As Maes, who uses a cane, was standing in front of a urinal, Knouse, who's thirty, attacked him from behind. Maes fell to the floor as Knouse snatched his wallet and split.

By cinematic standards, this act was far from the perfect crime. Knouse was subsequently arrested -- and he admitted to cops that he'd targeted Maes because he was old and infirm.


In August, a jury found Knouse guilty of seven felony counts -- among them robbery of an at-risk adult, identity theft and criminal possession of a financial transaction device. This week, a judge sentenced him to six years in jail, followed by five years of probation.

He probably won't be as vulnerable as Maes upon his release -- but just wait a few decades.

Here's a better look at Knouse's mug shot.

Jeffrey Knouse.jpg
Jeffrey Knouse.
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This is why you never piss in a urinal. Go to a stall. Better yet don't. It makes it easier to knife you in the kidney and take your money.


Other outlets state he is 40, not 30.


Never thought about it that way, I'm a urinal guy, there is one movie theater here where I do look out of the corner of my eye when I'm whizzing thinking some nut might take a shot for the wallet, might just start going in the stalls now at that joint, hope people don't think it's because I have a small wang...


I always feel weird when I walk into a stall when there are open urinals, but hell, if other guys want to make themselves easy targets that's their problem. When I was younger living in CA, I was working at a mall. Outside my store there was a restroom. One day I was working, and this 17 year old thug wannabe stabbed an elderly man to death and stole his money. The elderly man was piissing in the urinal. Almost the same as this story. Then I started to realize how vulnerable a spot that is. I'm sitting there with my back to every guy who walks inthe restoom, holding my dick, not wanting to look around's like cows to the slaughter.


Yeah now that you got my mind on it I keep thinking of Kalifornia movie when Brad Pitt shanked the guy in the head in the bathroom, I don't want to piss in urinals anymore think I'll forget the small wang issue and hit the stalls from now one, never know what we learn on these forums :D

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