Reader: Don't expect Colorado's request to DEA to reschedule marijuana to be enthusiastic

Yesterday, we noted that HB 1284, which set medical marijuana regs, requires the state to ask the DEA to designate pot as a Schedule II controlled substance. Plenty of commentary followed, including the following post, whose author doesn't expect Department of Revenue executive director Barbara Brohl to press the argument for long.

Colorado Mmj Patient writes:

It will go like this:

Brohl: Yeah, hey DEA, this is Colorado. You know about this whole marijuana thing, are you guys cool with it yet?


Brohl: Ok, have a nice day. See you soon!

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High Country Caregiver
High Country Caregiver

Thanks for keeping it illegal DEA, keeps the price high, appreciate that!  I will go on ignoring your threat and hope for the best!

Oh and one more thing, please shut down the medical marijuana scam so we can move forward with full legalization and finally just get high and have fun!

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