Medical marijuana: Denver almost ready for dispenary applications to begin.

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The dispensary application process seems a lot like a visit to the DMV. You show up knowing that it's going to be a pain in the ass, go through line after line, each time praying it will be the last. Finally, you cut a check to someone in the hope that the state has enough of its act together to send you a new driver's license -- but with a little less faith in humanity.

Last week, 45 medical marijuana businesses were told by Denver officials that they were eligible to finally begin applying through the city, starting yesterday. The only problem is, the application forms still aren't available online or in person at the Denver Department of Excise and Licenses. Officials have said they are having issues with their computer system and should have them up this week.

A few weeks back, we followed Denver Excise and Licenses director Tom Downey and several other employees as they went over to the state Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division offices to look at Denver dispensary applications for state licenses. The plan was to weed out the dispensaries, grows and infused product kitchens that won't make the cut on the city level due to a variety of reasons -- mostly zoning issues, but also the timing of when the dispensaries opened.

This meant applications weren't necessarily tackled in the order received, but by how easy it was for city officials to process them. Downey said the move also prevented the city from accepting applications and application fees from centers that clearly wouldn't have garnered approval, thus saving the city from paying costly refunds.

Downey and his team went through and made the initial two rounds of cuts, leaving 41 medical marijuana centers and four marijuana infused product (MIP) locations eligible to apply with the City of Denver. Downey announced the survivors last week at the Medical Marijuana Workgroup meeting, a town hall of sorts involving city and state officials and marijuana industry business representatives.

The delay was a minor inconvenience for Anna Cozy, owner of Colorado Alternative Medicine on South Broadway, which is one of the 41 shops wit pre-approval. Cozy noted that Excise and Licenses only has one full-time person on medical marijuana. "If anything, I would like to see her get a little help," she says.

"We can't be impatient. It's a learning experience right now for everyone," she continues. "We just have to give them that leeway and we have to give them the benefit of the doubt. You know, give them positive reinforcement instead of constantly complaining."

Page down for the list of medical marijuana centers and MIPs given the go-ahead to apply for a license in Denver.

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Interesting. I thought my primary Denver dispensary, would definitely be on the list. Just goes to show how chaotic and messy this all really is. Hopefully soon there will be order and method to this madness.


That's good news but you can't have your cake and eat it too.  Join us on the new weedmaps.


This is all well and good, but what will existing centers that aren't on that list do?  Just shut down their business and hope to find work in an already rough economy? These denver dispensary owners should be petitioning the city to come in and check out their centers. 


With one full-time staff member working for the city? Not much. Have you ever tried to communicate with ANYONE in Denver city government outside of dialing 911? They are over worked, under staffed and, in general, poorly motivated. You know that one staff member can't be communicating very effectively with the DOR group either.

My guess is that with this backlogged clusterf**k of administrative nonsense these other MMCs have at least a year before they have to begin to worry. By that time, who knows? The regulate and legalize movement may have already won.

Who cares?
Who cares?

What do the other MMCs care? They've got theirs. If they are willing to put their patients on live video feed to the DEA, clearly all they care about is cash.


Great post.Thanks for sharing this informative post with us.I would like to read your more updates.Keep sharing with us in future too.

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