Occupy Denver asks John Hickenlooper to allow camping, invites him to general assembly

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John Hickenlooper.
Earlier today, a Colorado State Patrol spokesman said the law-enforcement approach to Occupy Denver's tent city is evolving, and could be finalized soon. But rather than waiting to see how agencies might try to enforce Governor John Hickenlooper's apparent wish to end overnight camping near the State Capitol, the Occupy Denver forces voted on and approved a letter to Hick that was delivered a short time ago. In it, they request a waiver to continue overnight camping in support of demonstrators' First Amendment rights.

They've also invited Hickenlooper to attend one of the twice-daily general assembly meetings of participants. The next one gets underway at 3 p.m., just over thirty minutes from this writing.

Look below to read an Occupy Denver press release, posted online here, followed by the letter itself.

Occupy Denver release:


Denver, Colorado, 12 October 2011 -- Occupy Denver was recently notified of Governor Hickenlooper's intention to have our tent encampment removed from the Veteran's Memorial Park. Today, at 1PM, we hand delivered the on open letter to Governor Hickenlooper and his representatives (attached), to request a waiver that will permit the encampment to continue.

Occupy Denver was started on September 22nd in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement. The occupation, which began as roughly a dozen concerned citizens protesting corporate greed and a lack of a forum to express related grievances, has swelled to over 100 citizens occupying the area in front of the Colorado State Capitol in Denver 24-hours a day. In the letter to Governor Hickenlooper, the group requests that the Governor and members of his administration address their concerns to their General Assembly to be rectified. The movement is an autonomous, horizontally-structured body that meets in a General Assembly at 3 & 7 PM daily.

Now on the 20th day, the numbers at the occupation swell into the hundreds during the daytime, drawing over 1,000 concerned citizens of the Denver-area to march in protest on Saturdays between 12-3 PM. The occupation includes a health code-compliant free-standing kitchen that serves snacks and hot meals 24-hours a day, a fully-stocked and staffed medical tent, and a trained security team that patrols for trouble and communicates by radio around the clock.

Occupy Denver urges all citizens of Colorado to phone Governor Hickenlooper's office at (303) 866-2471 to voice their support for the right of the occupiers to make use of public space for their First Amendment right to assemble.


Occupy Denver's is an autonomous group of concerned citizens aiming to bring awareness to the issues of corporate inequality and greed, and to begin a dialogue among the 99% of the citizenry that does not benefit from the policies that support this objectionable structure.


Dear Governor Hickenlooper,

As you are already aware, several members of the Occupy Denver movement have constructed a tent city in the park area surrounding Veteran's Memorial. We are non-violent. We utilize a non-hierarchical, democratic, decision making process. We are organized. We respect our state park as our home, as it currently is our home.

We will ensure that the park remains an open and welcoming space to the General Public and citizenry of Colorado.

Our tents are a symbol. We are here to draw attention to the injustice of corporate sovereignty over modern life.

We respectfully request that your administration honor our constitutional right to peaceable assembly: we are formally requesting a variance or waiver pursuant to the municipal code of the City and County of Denver and Colorado state law that would allow us to continue occupying the park area surrounding Veteran's Memorial.

Tuesday, October 11 on KOA you stated, "we have always supported the First Amendment," and that you are worried about the precedent set by our tent city, because it could lead to multiple tent cities across Colorado.

Governor Hickenlooper--there are already multiple tent cities across Colorado--the only difference is that ours isn't hidden from the general public. If you are truly concerned about the precedent set by our occupation, we invite you to work with us to create a Colorado in which tent cities are no longer a necessity.

We, the people of Colorado, have no proper institutional forum to organize and address the issues that confront us. As such, the tent city that we have constructed serves not only as a symbol, but a forum in which to organize, voice our concerns, and demonstrate solidarity with our under-represented brothers and sisters across The United States of America.

If you have concerns of public safety or health, we invite you to work with us to ensure that we have adequately addressed public safety and health issues.

If you have other questions, concerns, or requests, we invite you and members of your administration to join us at one of our General Assemblies to address them. Our General Assemblies are held daily at 3pm or 7pm.

Thank you for your time and careful consideration of this matter.

With Sincere Regards,

Occupy Denver General Assembly

(ratified 3pm & 7pm)


More from our Videos archive: "Occupy Denver video collection chronicles ongoing protests."

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Samuel Stray
Samuel Stray

This is Veterans Memorial Park.Jurisdiction belongs to the State Park Ranger.The Colorado State Patrol should wait until the Ranger asks for help.Where's the Ranger?


"Please Mr. Governor, we humble ourselves before you and beg that we may continue to protest the corrupt government and political system that you and your office are part and parcel of."


LOL.  Asking permission to continue a protest/demonstration.  Weak.  The Hick is going to wipe his ass with these weaklings.


This encampment is clean as a whistle so far as I've seen. They have a pretty sophisticated waste removal system with recycle bins, compost bins, and I saw hourly trash removals. They are using the public restrooms at the bus station up the block, and they are not blocking access to the park in any way. IMHO, they are committing a minor infraction akin to tearing off a mattress tag with their camping. Don't be a dick, Hick...let 'em stay.

Light Rail Tattler
Light Rail Tattler

So the Colorado State Parks Ranger is M. I. A?This is why the Colorado State Patrol is pleading with anarchists in Veterans Memorial Park?The Colorado State Patrol should be downtown pulling over speeding Light Rail Trains running red lights.The Colorado State Patrol should be raiding the corrupt Department of Denver Public Works and politically connected corrupt Civil Engineers rather wasting their time pleading with anarchists. That's the job of the Ranger.

Robert Chase
Robert Chase

Weakness is relative -- Hickenlooper's pronouncements on the subject so far demonstrate his typical vagueness and limited engagement. Haven't you read the DP on the subject?"governor weighs in on camp-inHickenlooper unsure what to do about Occupy Denver protesters at Capitol"(

Mr Manumba Ney
Mr Manumba Ney

It was public corruption midway through Clinton's second term that realized the invention of Subprime at Chicago's Superior Savings and Loan.The Bank failed early in Bush's first term.The F.D.I.C. learned nothing; this lead us where we are today. Banks are still failing; F.D.I.C. is in the red.We learned nothing from history. We followed the Soviet's footsteps into Afghanistan and like the Soviets, our financial system was corrupt.The bailout of the auto industry was a huge risk.The bailout was a huge success.The federal government is near collapse.Hopefully Texas and Georgia will not succeed the Union and if that does happen, Russia will not deploy rockets in Texas and Georgia in violation of the anti-ballistic missile treaty like the United States tried to do in Ukraine and Georgia.

Mr Manumba Ney
Mr Manumba Ney

I'm just making a comparison to the two superpowers prolonged war in Afghanistanand comparing Texas to Ukraine and Georgia to Georgia and corruption to corruption.The breakup of the Soviet Union to the Civil War in the United States.Very few people are paying attention to the trouble the federal government is in.The division between Tea Party, far right and far left could go extreme either way.Actually the extremists come nowhere close to the majority that is not extreme but in the middle just trying to live their lives. By the way, the media never reported the outcome of the Batender that worked in one of Hickenlooper's Bars, Mezcal. The Bartender that brutally stabbed a man to death in the parking lot in 2008. Hickenlooper's Bartender was a gang member with Hells Angels. The Bartender got a sweet deal in Denver District Court, a plea-bargain to manslaughter for a brutal butcher like killing with a knife. The Bartender was sentenced to six years in prison and with good time, The Governer's Butcher could be walking the streets of Denver any day.By the way, Hickenlooper by city charter should not as mayor owned that Bar.It's not like Hickenlooper was walking around City Hall and the Excise License Division blindfolded with a white cane.

Robert Chase
Robert Chase

-- I believe you mean "Texas and Georgia will not secede from the Union" (though I'd be inclined to let them go) -- Texas and Georgia succeeding the Union is reminiscent of predictions that cockroaches would survive a nuclear war.

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