Reader: Cops took all the parking near library so they could earn overtime re: Occupy Denver

The opinions keep coming for our Occupy Denver coverage.

Here's an interesting view about the costs involved in law-enforcement's approach to protesters, and how savings might be realized, from comments on Kelsey Whipple's post about weekend arrests.

Kcm2 writes:

I note that the charges are all about police power, not about ANY harm to property or people.

Denver cops enjoyed getting double time today. I was annoyed that there weren't any parking places at the library because there were: 7 police vans, 2 cruisers, two dogs and their handlers at about 4 pm. All for about 40-60 protestors with signs.

The press seems to report that "blah, blah costs the police force" as opposed to the police force is "spending" X amount. It is a choice the Mayor and Governor made to be confrontational, when any "misbehavior" could have been handled with citations.

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If the Denver PD is busy occupying parking spots then they won't have time to beat innocent people.


Cops getting overtime is actually good news.  With all the trouble the city of Denver and the state of Colorado is having with budgeting, I hope the protesters blow those budgets to hell.  Hit the government where it hurts.  Cause it to hemorrhage cash.  Maybe when it is is poor as most of us are, it will begin to get a clue.  Keep up the good work!

Light Rail Tattler
Light Rail Tattler

It will be the fault of the Denver Police and Colorado State Patrol if the Stock Show gets moved to Aurora.They want to push them $cash $cows out of Denver to please the ant-capitalists and move the Squad Cars closer to Veteran's Memorial State Park because the Colorado State Park  Ranger is  A.W.O.L.

Robert Chase
Robert Chase

YOU note the lack of harm to property but the corporate media have (successfully) insinuated otherwise to Denver's Good Germans, who are not about to question any expenditure or action of the CSP or DPD.

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Interesting take, Revolution. Thanks for reading and posting.

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