Orgasmic meditation, BDSM classes at Bedroom event not educational enough for Lakewood PD?

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Beyond the Bedroom is described by co-organizer Dan Powers, aka Daka-Dan, as an October 16 educational event about sex. But police in Lakewood, where Beyond the Bedroom was originally scheduled to take place, weren't so sure, due in part to a possible live demonstration of orgasmic meditation, not to mention a BDSM class and videos featuring female ejaculation.

"They didn't say we couldn't hold the event there," Daka-Dan recalls. "But they did say if any of the presenters did anything illegal, they'd be arrested, and me and my partner" -- pro-polyamory nonprofit Loving More's Robyn Trask -- "would be arrested, too."

Steve Davis, spokesman for the Lakewood Police Department, puts it differently, maintaining that only what he refers to via e-mail as "live sexual acts" were described as forbidden. But Daka-Dan and Trask were freaked out enough to relocate Beyond the Bedroom to Westminster anyhow.

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According to Daka-Dan, "Beyond the Bedroom is a spinoff of what used to be called the Sex Show or the Sex and So Much More Show. That event was half adult-entertainment and half adult-sex education -- and the combination didn't work that well for the adult-education part.

"A lot of people didn't know education was available; they came for the porn. And even though they were appreciative of the education, it was hard to do a meditation-type class about slow orgasms when a screaming-orgasm event was happening onstage. So my wife at the time and I decided to put together an all-education event, with presentations about everything from relationships and how to communicate better to the wilder side of the lifestyle -- swinging, polyamory, and other things people might not have heard about but would want to learn more about."

With that in mind, Daka-Dan began looking for a hotel at which to base Beyond the Bedroom, and he eventually settled on the Sheraton at 360 Union in Lakewood. He says the sales manager at the Sheraton was kept fully informed about what would be taking place, and his fellow organizers went out of their way not to offend the sensibilities of other guests -- by, for instance, arranging for vendors of products such as dildos and vibrators to be located in a side room to which members of the general public wouldn't have access.

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Kelly Notaras.
Along the way, the Beyond the Bedroom crew had an idea about including a live demonstration of orgasmic mediation, a presentation by Kelly Notaras. "It's a fifteen-minute-long meditation focused on the woman's clitoris," Daka-Dan explains, "and it's really more powerful if you can see what's actually happening. The stroke is really minute; the giver only moves his or her finger maybe a centimeter at a time, but the woman can have massive orgasmic energy going throughout her body."

With this in mind, Daka-Dan reached out to the Lakewood Police Department, "because I know sex can be a touchy subject." He says he consulted by e-mail with a detective, and after at least one exchange, he penned a long note pointing out that the city ordinance focused on guidelines for adult-education businesses rather than one-time educational events. "I asked him for guidance," Daka-Dan says, "but I never heard back from him."

Afterward, Daka-Dan says he went to the hotel with the idea of securing more rooms, because the number of presentations had expanded from twenty to 25. That's when things got complicated. "We talked to a different sales manager than we'd talked with before," he recalls. "After telling us they didn't have any more rooms, he said the police had come to him and said we were going to be holding some illegal activities in their hotel and they should be cautious."

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The term sadomasochism is derived from the words sadism and masochism (see Etymology). In the context of consensual sexual activities, sadism and masochism are not strictly accurate terms; there is a significant difference from the medical or psychological usage of both terms. Sadomasochism refers to the physical aspects of BDSM.

locales de intercambio
locales de intercambio

Well, it seems like there had been a misunderstanding between the two parties. Hope this has been settled.

Sir C
Sir C

Wow what a bunch of uptight uninformed uneducated people ... that's so sad !!!!!!


I guess we just need to host the orgasmic-meditation session WITH the live demonstration at the Denver Sanctuary some time soon.


I don't know about the legality of the issues, but this seems more legitimate than some other going concerns..

Every Sunday,  people go to the church of their choice, buying what can't be proved, taking comfort in promises no one can say with any certainty will be kept.

Blind faith.

At least these entrepreneurs are advertising something tangible.

Good for them, and best of luck to 'em. 


I don't think the good people of Lakewood need these weirdos to educate them about female orgasm. There're plenty of good books about that.


I don't think your opinion matters to the people who'd purchased tickets to the seminar.


Well if they read this comment section they will get it anyway, and I don't charge admission. 

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