Rachel Maddow takes on Scott Gessler over voting lawsuit against Denver (VIDEO)

Colorado Cause and Colorado Ethics Watch Complaint Against Scott Gessler
Colorado Cause and Colorado Ethics Watch Opening Brief Re Scott Gessler

More from our Politics archive: "Scott Gessler's push for voter verification is a solution in search of problem, says ProgressNow."

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Rachel Maddow!! Really??!!! Why would anyone waste good air on that bag!

Paul Hanson
Paul Hanson

So, this is all about confirming if someone is still eligible to vote.

If you voted in the 2010 mid-terms, or any election since, they'll assume that you’re still in the district and will mail you a ballot.  No problem there.

If, however, you didn't vote in 2010 they'll send you a post card asking if you're still in the district and would like to vote.  If you're no longer in the district or simply don't want to vote, then you won't get a ballot.  Fair enough.  But if you DO return the verification, they WILL send you a ballot, thus enabling you to vote.

I fail to see the problem here.

Chuck in VA
Chuck in VA

This is just another pathetic of an accuse politician using anything he can to alter peoples rights of voting. Tragically, this is happening all over the country.Why now? Two words; President Obama. America had better wake up! Instead of doing something positive for his state, he's trying to divide it. Who in there right mind would deny military members their right to vote! This a$$hole!!!

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