Sorry, Scott Gessler: Many county clerks began mailing ballots yesterday to all registered voters

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Scott Gessler.
County clerks began mailing ballots out yesterday. And in Denver, Pueblo, Boulder and a half-dozen other counties, that also meant mailing ballots to voters labeled "inactive" -- some because they'd simply skipped one election cycle. Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler had sued Denver County to prevent that, but a judge's decision last Friday allowed Denver to reach out to all registered voters, active or not, and other counties quickly followed suit.

Not all counties are taking advantage of that ruling, however. And ProgressNow Colorado is challenging Adams County Clerk Karen Long to send mail ballots to every registered voter in Adams County with a deliverable address.

"As one of Colorado's most populous counties, shouldn't Adams County voters be given the same opportunity to participate as Denver voters?" PNC asks. "Adams County Clerk Long has worked to increase voter participation in the past, so with this ruling, she can take advantage of legal clarity and provide ballots to these registered voters."

Scandal-plagued Adams County is not just one of Colorado's most populous counties. It happens to be a heavily Democratic county -- and in a story in today's Denver Post, opponents of Proposition 103 question whether this push to send ballots to all voters is just a way to promote Rollie Heath's tax proposal.

But in this case, it's simply the right thing to do. A registered voter's decision to skip out an election cycle should not remove him from the process. And you don't need a slap from Rachel Maddow, who laid one on Gessler last week, to recognize that.

Just a judge.

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Can't wait to vote this turd out of office.  Imagine trying to keep active duty troops from voting, just to pursue his racist aims.

Robert Chase
Robert Chase

Gessler, you swine, RESIGN!

P.S.  How stupid was it to elect this man, Colorado?  You managed to make responsible for the conduct of our elections a man whose partisan devotion to the criminal enterprise sometimes described as the Republican Party just impelled him to try to pervert the constitutional duty of his office in order to prevent a large number of citizens from voting.

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