Alonzo Bencomo, victim of fatal shooting at 250 Osceola, to be laid to rest (29)

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alonzo bencomo.jpg
Alonzo Bencomo.
Update: Last week, a man later identified as Alonzo Bencomo, 34, was shot and killed near 250 South Osceola.

Today, Bencomo's family and friends will gather for a visitation and rosary in advance of a funeral tomorrow. Here's how they're remembering him in an online listing.

The item reads:

Alonzo Jose Luis Bencomo has left this world to become a part of a new kingdom. He leaves behind his significant other Nikko, son Andrew, daughters Audriana and Alex. Brothers Rafael, Matthew, Paul, George and sisters Sabrina and Jessica. Also surviving are both his mothers Linda and Leslie and his father Jose Alonzo, along with many others who will miss him dearly.

According to the Denver coroner's office, Bencomo died of a gunshot wound to the thorax. Thus far, there have been no arrests reported in the case, which has clearly shaken his loved ones, as these comments on the funeral listing demonstrate. They're a reminder that behind a small news item like this one are many lives that are often changed forever by a single moment of violence.

Look below for our earlier coverage.

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Graphic below.
Original item, 10:49 a.m. October 4: At this point, details are fuzzy in regard to a shooting that took place yesterday evening.

Thus far, we know that police responded to gunplay in the vicinity of 250 South Osceola. We also know a Hispanic man in his thirties is dead. And the Denver Police Department confirms it wasn't an accident.

A short time ago, the Denver Office of the Medical Examiner issued a release noting that a 34-year-old Hispanic male had been transported in a private vehicle to Denver Health from a spot near the intersection of Alameda and Newton. He'd been shot, but the autopsy has not yet been completed.

DPD Detective John White notes that incident took place at 250 South Osceola, not far from Alameda and Newton. "There initially was a shooting, and once they got the individual to the hospital, he was pronounced deceased," he says.

"We are investigating the incident as a homicide," he adds. Investigators tell him the victim was heading home when he was confronted by several individuals. In the confrontation that followed, he was hit by the bullet that killed him.

Check out an interactive graphic of the area near the crime scene. If you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

View Larger Map

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i dont understead how another person can take another persons life ? dont they know when they die they will be judged by a higher power, hell is a scary place to end up i'd be afraid of that alone RIP lonzo i knw we werent close but that doesnt mean i never thought about u, just keep in mind people guns dont

Deanna Galvan
Deanna Galvan

I cant see how someone can just take somebody life like that he was a good man and a dad i give my prayers to the family and to his son love you lonzo RIP

Paul Bencomo
Paul Bencomo

Thank you. My bro was a good man, a great man he was way to young to die. Keep him in your prayers and thank you again


Hi Paul, I am so so sad for yr loss, He was a good dude! You and yr fam is in my prayers. GOD BLESS.

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