Tim Tebow lovers or haters: Who are the bigger shmucks?

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Tim Tebow.
It seems like everyone has something to say about Tim Tebow (including us), whether it comes to his work ethic, his pious nature, his throwing motion, his jersey sales, his clean-livin' persona, his underwear or his potential as an actor. And sometimes, frankly, it's hard to know which side to be on in the debate. Tebow lovers are so smarmy and obnoxious, while Tebow haters are so angry and bitter. Frankly, we don't want to join either one of those groups.

Gator fans (God love 'em) vs. John Oliver (British comedian).
Merril Hoge (sportscaster) vs. LeBron (similarly hated NBA player).

Hulk Hogan (uh, wrestler?) vs. the billboard guys.

Loving Tebow means being blind to his problems (and his personal beliefs). Hating Tebow means hating on the Broncos, which you'd never do. Unless, of course, you are part of the Suck for Luck group of people who want the Broncos to perform so poorly this season that they finish with the worst record and therefore the first pick in the NFL draft -- a pick that will land stud Standford quarterback Andrew Luck.

But rooting against the Broncos is also a problem. After all, Raiders fans root against the Broncos, as well. So does that put you on the same side as Oakland?

It's a confusing situation for all Broncos fans. Good luck figuring it out.

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How's this for an approach.

Sunday it's put up or shut up. Everybody knows the job description for a quarterback. I can't deny Kyle Orton played himself out of a job. He didn't produce points or make plays at key times. His inability to come through when it was absolutely neccessary to was his undoing. His last half of play, against San Diego, was so anemic even staunch supporters like me gave up on him. For whatever reason, he wilted. He's done here.

It's Tebow's turn, fair or not. Same line, defense, coaching staff. To be fair, this is a terrible, an untalented team. Maybe the team with the least talent in the NFL right now. Expecting Tebow to win games with this team is unrealistic. 3-13 is very, very optimistic. excuses. The fanatics supporting this kid are now on the clock. Losing will be on him and them every bit as much as it was on Orton. Tim Tebow will be judged on whether he can make plays. Period. Complete balls on third and throw downs. Lead drives, 10 play drives, executing basic fundamentals, and leading the offense.

Same line, same defense. Same coaching staff.

There's no sliding scale here. Either he does it or he doesn't.

No excuses.

If this kid is a player, it will be a huge windfall for the organization. They can build through the draft, with offensive as well as defensive linemen in what looks to be the best draft class in years. Even if he's just fair, it's a plus.

If he's not, at least we know.


Does being blind to his beliefs simply mean that you disagree with them.  Who gives a shit what you think........


The no excuses thing is key.  If Denver goes roughly 4-12,  my worry is that too many of the Tebow fans will just move the goalposts and claim that Fox doesn;t understand how to use him, or that Elway set him up to fail because Elway hates the thought of other quarterbacks being successful in Denver (yep, I've seen that one already), or that He's really great, it's just that the rest of the team stinks. 

Now to be fair they do suck for the most part, but they can't simultaneously be 5 seconds from competitive except for Kyle Orton AND a bunch of schlubs who should be in the CFL behind Tebow.


This is the first time I've seen an organization buckle under and give in to a special interest.

But at the same time, if this kid plays like I think he will, the vast majority of actual fans and the community over all will see it.

Team Tebow can try to blame everybody but Tim, but people will be asking "Who do you expect me to believe, you or my lyin' eyes?"

Monday mornin's comin' like  a freight train..

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