Tim Tebow to start over Kyle Orton for Denver Broncos, ESPN reports (VIDEO)

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Tim Tebow.
In our post about Sunday's Broncos-San Diego game, we stated in our headline that Tim Tebow was now Denver's starting quarterback, despite Coach John Fox's initial unwillingness to make such a statement. And while Fox still hasn't confirmed the move at this writing, ESPN is reporting that he'll do so shortly.

This step is nearly as shocking as the fact that Barack Obama hasn't announced a switch to the Republican Party. Simply put, fans would not have accepted a return to Kyle Orton at this point, especially given his increasingly mediocre, spark-free performances in recent weeks. And while a great many NFL analysts think Tebow will fail as a pro quarterback -- including plenty of those who spent much of yesterday gabbing about the subject on ESPN -- he's simply built up too much momentum to be denied.

Whether he'll last the entire season is another question -- but our Magic Eight Ball suggests that only an injury will keep him out of the starting lineup. The Broncos season has suddenly become the Tebow Experiment. That's something many of us expected from the jump. Instead, it took five mostly miserable regular season games to come true.

Look below to watch the ESPN report:

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And where are the clowns?Send in the clowns......Don't bother, they're here.

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Larry, you may remember that back in March, Tebow said he uses Frank Sinatra's version of "Send in the Clowns" to get himself hyped before a game... really. Here's the post:



Wow, no I didn't see that. The conotations from the lyrics that can pertain here are phenomenal. If Mr. Ed has the nuggies tho, he would play that song after the National Anthem at every home game. He could also name  "ole blue eyes" as the 13th man. Take an advantage where you can.

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