Tebowing: Will Tim Tebow's kneeling-in-prayer pose become next Mile High Salute? (PHOTOS)

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tim tebow bowing.jpg
Big pics below.
Could Tim Tebow's gesture of supplication after reaching the end zone replace the spike?

That's the heavenly goal of, a new website featuring photos of just plain folks bending a knee and resting head on fist, in blessed tribute to The Chosen One -- and we're not talking about Timmy's oft-praised Lord and Savior. Look below to see some examples -- and visit the site to contribute one of your own.

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Simply Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frank Lucas Harlem
Frank Lucas Harlem

Kaplis on KHOW has his head stuck up TT's rear end it might be a donkey walking around. Hey Kap, if TT was pro choice and a democrat you'd call him a jerk and get another QB, oh by the way Kap, CU sucks and they did use call girls to recruit SoCal's inner city youth...try going back to your 2.5 million dollar house by Martinos 4.5er (under his wife's name) in Cherry Hill Farms and find reality or another ambulance to chase.

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