Tim Tebow, sacked 7 times, given week's worth of condoms for added protection (VIDEO)

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Tim Tebow.
While Tim Tebow's Miami miracle resulted in an 18-15 Broncos victory, he paid by being sacked a league high seven times. This achievement earned him respect for his toughness, but also something more -- a week's supply of NuVo condoms to improve his "protection." Although if The Chosen One is a man of his word -- and of course he is! -- he's the least likely baller in America to need them.

nuvo condoms.jpg
The Tim Tebow gift pack?
The NuVo Protection Plan has been in place since the NFL season began, with the company sending condoms to the quarterback who suffered the most sacks over the weekend -- so they can "stay safe and won't be left unprotected!" according to a company press release that excitedly refers to Tebow as "fresh meat."

The release goes on to concede that it's "questionable if Tebow will accept this gift with open arms after seeing his highly controversial Super Bowl advertisement last year" -- an anti-abortion-themed spot sponsored by Focus on the Family. And that's not to mention Tebow's public statement, issued back in 2009, that he's saving himself for marriage. Here's that clip.

Even so, NuVo argues that everyone needs extra protection on occasion -- "yes, even Tebow!" And if he keeps getting sacked at the rate he experienced against the Dolphins, he could wind up with a lifetime supply.

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Don't mock a young man who still has some ideals.  If  you don't have any yourself, bite me. Comment on his playing as a freshman NFL quarterback, undersized, screwing up, but fixing what he messes up.  The 300 pound linemen may kill him, but give him credit for what he does as long as he lasts.


They should send him body condoms instead.


I’m not sure Tebow can still claim virginity, consideringthe intimate place Dan Caplis has positioned his nose in relation to Tim’sanatomy. 

Ironic, when the pre-marriage abstinence Caplis preachesalong with his ongoing religious agendas are the underlying reasons he’s such aTebow backer.  Not that this is such abig revelation, but for Caplis to be allowed an opinion column on the editorialpage of the Denver Post with his underlying motivations seems a bit wrong.  And if that “fact piece” he is so proud ofwas instigated or allowed after any communications with Vincent Carroll,another favorite recipient of Dan’s verbal fellatio, that is just plain wrong. 

Tim’s a good guy, and who really cares if he wore a littletoo much religion on his sleeve or eye black, if only the Caplis types wouldn’tglom on to it.  jmo

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