Top 10 neighborhoods in Denver according to MapQuest's new mqVibe website

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MapQuest has launched a new website, mqVibe, which attempts to rank the best neighborhoods in various communities around these United States. The rankings reportedly combine user votes, "interactions" on the main MapQuest site and so-called "external data" to arrive at its conclusions.

What neighborhoods top the list in Denver? Count them down below.

10 stapleton.jpg
10. Stapleton: 8.9

9 union station.jpg
9. Union Station: 9.0

8 uptown.jpg
8. Uptown: 9.1

7 denver highlands.jpg
7. Highland: 9.1

6 lower downtown.jpg
6. Lower Downtown: 9.2

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What about Capitol Hill? Should be in the top 5.

Bill M.
Bill M.

MapQuest kinda spikes its own credibility right off the bat by listing "Highland" as a neighborhood. It is not; there are several distinct, officially different neighborhoods comprising "The Highlands," including West Highlands; Potter-Highlands; Lower Highlands (pictured in this piece) and even Berkeley and Sunnyside to a certain extent.

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Just checked on the mqVibe site linked in this post, and Capitol Hill is listed at number 19. Lots of people would disagree with that, I'll bet. Thanks for the post.

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