Top 37 mug shots of September 2011

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robert young mug shot cropped-thumb-120x102.jpg
Big pics below.
Our September 2011 mug shot roundup features looks at horrific criminals -- such as Travis Forbes, who confessed to murdering Kenia Monge -- and the wackier kind, like the two guys who allegedly decided to reenact Weekend at Bernie's with their dead pal. Check out the month's roster below, and click on the links to read our original coverage.

arthur baldwin mug shot.jpg
Arthur Baldwin. Read more in "Arthur Baldwin allegedly fires shots, tries to grab student selling discount cards."

Thumbnail image for perrish cox mug shots large.JPG
Perrish Cox. Read more in "Perrish Cox cut by Broncos due to play, not for allegedly impregnating rape victim: Yeah, sure."

michael deherrera mug shot.jpg
Michael DeHerrera. Read more in "Michael DeHerrera talks about reinstatement of cops who beat him (VIDEO)."

Keith Nick Ruiz. Read more in "Keith Ruiz busted in death of 2-year-old Dolci Gryshayeva, spokesman calls details disturbing."

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Where is Corey Donahue's mug shot??? That had to be one of the ugliest and vilest of the year.

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