Willie Clark, Bronco Darrent Williams's killer, found guilty of murdering witness in 2006

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Willie Clark.
Update, Monday, October 31: Willie Clark, who was convicted last year of murdering Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams, was found guilty again today -- this time of murdering a witness named Kalonniann Clark (no relation) in 2006. Clark was sentenced to life in prison plus 424 years for the murder. He's currently serving a life sentence for Williams's murder, plus 1,152 years for non-murder charges associated with that crime.

Original item, October 19: Willie Clark, who was convicted last year of murdering Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams, is back in court defending his innocence -- but on a different charge. Clark is accused of murdering a witness named Kalonniann Clark (no relation) so she couldn't testify against reputed gang leader Brian Hicks. Will the jury believe Clark this time? The Denver Post reports that he's offered an alibi.

Clark claims to have been at his cousin's house when Kalonniann Clark was killed, the Post reports. Hicks has already been convicted of soliciting Clark and another man, Shun Birch, to kill Kalonniann Clark in December 2006. Kalonniann Clark was set to testify that Hicks shot at her in 2005.

Birch was also found guilty of her murder. Prosecutors say Clark hired Birch to help kill Kalonniann Clark after receiving the order from Hicks, who was in jail at the time.

For more on the relationship between Hicks and Clark, read the Westword feature, "In the hunt for Darrent Williams's killer, the cops went on the offensive early."

And stay tuned for a verdict.

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These all-American gangsters warm my heart. It's guys like dear old Willie that work hard to prevent the corporations from outsourcing EVERY industry.

You can take our manufacturing industries. You can take our Tech industries. But you'll never outsource our organized crime(well, fully, anyway)!


why do we waste court time / $ convicting someone who is already serving life plus 1000 years?


Maybe you should ask Kalonniann Clark's family and friends.


Most likely two reasons: in case the original conviction is reversed on appeal, and to send the message that witness intimidation/killing cannot be tolerated in the system.

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