10 names better than Metro State's latest rebranding picks

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Big logos below.
Back in March, Metro State's Board of Trustees announced their plan to change the school's name to Denver State University -- a lackluster choice that also managed to piss off the folks at the University of Denver. So Metro is now asking students to choose among three new possibilities -- all a helluva lot more boring than our suggestions, which are on view below complete with matching logos capable of luring new enrollees in droves.

The latest picks -- Metropolitan Denver State University, Denver Metropolitan State University and Denver State Metropolitan University -- sound as if administrators chose the first labels that popped into their head and then shifted them around a few times. Would the next two choices have been University Metropolitan State Denver and Denver University State Metropolitan? Or did they consider using some words more than once -- like Metropolitan University Metropolitan or Denver Denver State State State?

Whatever the case, it's not too late to consider some alternatives we first shared in the post "Top 10 names for Metro State better than Denver State University." Count 'em down below.

10. Denver Awesome College of Sharktiger


9. Dr. Reefer's Mile High Institute of Bud Tending and Ounce Counting


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Ha.  I voted for DSU...  Damned little DU bratty-pants babies.  I mean, I can understand somewhat since Metro puts out higher- quality grads and all...  It does stand to reason DU(H) didn't even want to show up for the competition if the name was even in the same ZIP code.  


Well - I can't seem to stop myself - the Mascot should be a horse - but you also need a new MOTTO for the school (or whatever you call it). 

Pride of the RockiesMile High ProudTop of the MountainAscending PeaksKnowledge SummitConquer MountainsHeights of Success


While I'm at it - the colors ought to change too. The Red White & Blue Roadrunner is okay by me - but if you're gonna get a new name you ought to go with new colors too .

Silver (Grey, Granite)Blue (Sky, Mountain, Water, Deep Stream blue not Navy or Sky Blue)Green (Evergreen or Deep Evergreen - not Kelly or bright green)Purple (Purple mountain majesty - deep or royal not light or lavener)

Any combination of the above would be nice & attractive.


Actually, I have a few ideas: Name & Mascot should be a horse of some type

1. Mile High University 2. Mountain State University 3. Mountain Peak University4. Mountain University at Mile High5. Rocky Mountain University6. Denver Summit University7. Snow State University8. Mountain Range University9. Mountain Top University10. Collegiate Peaks University11. College Ranch University12. Mountain View University13. Rocky State University14. Centennial State University15. Silver State University



Bob Smith
Bob Smith

Seems administrative ambition never really goes away. When I was a student there we had a president who wanted us to have a Division I basketball team - paid for by student fees, of course.

Sometimes these fools are funny, sometimes they're just a pain in the ass and sometimes they hit you in your wallet. I wonder how much more it will cost to go to Metro once they go big time?

As a nostalgic old fart I suggest "Screwing Up a Good Thing University".

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Thanks for the suggestions, Elle. We're going to make them an upcoming Comment of the Day. Congrats.

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