Reader: Joe Miklosi won a Best of Denver, but is he the best candidate to take on Mike Coffman?

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Joe Miklosi.
Joe Miklosi came out early as a Democratic willing to take on incumbent Mike Coffman in the sixth congressional district -- whatever that might look like when redistricting is done. But party insiders are saying that Miklosi -- despite his Best New Legislator win in the Best of Denver 2009 -- is not the strongest candidate to take on Coffman.

Who would be?

Here's the view from Reuben Espinosa:

Miklosi is a solid Democrat and would make an outstanding Congressman. But the Denver Post today described Miklosi as "obscure." Republican Coffman is anything but obscure.

While Romanoff has solid name recognition, I suspect state Sen. Morgan Carroll would stand a much better chance of beating Coffman in a one on one matchup. The Dems cannot afford to lose this one.

Can Miklosi beat Coffman? Or will the Dems keep shopping for a new candidate?

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Joe already has the support of the entire Colorado State House of Representatives, all of the Aurora legislators (State Reps, State Senators, County Commissioners) including Morgan Carroll and Terrance Carrol who was former speaker of the house. Not to mention that he just picked up a big endorsement from AFL-CIO. In addition, he's raised more in a quarter than previous D's did for the entire election cycle and this was before redistricting came into play. Furthermore, Joe has represented portions of the newly shaped CD6 in the State House, has been working in the new district for the past 4 years at Project Cure and has been a member of of influential groups in the district such as the Rotary. I'd say that Joe is well positioned to take on Coffman. Joe is well known for being an extremely hard worker, given that Coffman hasn't proposed a single piece of legislation to get our economy back on track, i'd say that Joe is perfectly positioned to communicate the do-nothing-Coffman message and be the hardworking Congressman that voters are anxious to send to the Capital to get the job done. 


"Joe already has the support of the entire Colorado State House of Representatives..."

Really?  All 65 members?  That should come as a surprise to the 33 members of the Republican majority there!  As far as Miklosi's organizational endorsements go, aren't they the same groups that endorsed Coffman's previous Democratic opponents, Hank Eng in 2008 and John Flerlage in 2010?  The same is true of the endorsements by Democratic elected officials.  Ho-hum... nothing new here.

Just what part of Aurora, in the new 6th CD, does Miklosi represent in his current state house district?  In the current boundaries, Miklosi represented a mere three precincts in the 6th CD and they were in the southeast part of the City and County of Denver.  It appears that the new congressional boundaries give all of the City and County of Denver to Diana DeGette.  Miklosi is hardly a household name in the old, or new, 6th CD. 

Miklosi needs to overcome a huge name recognition issue and a fundraising problem compared to Mike Coffman, who is an experienced and effective campaigner.  Coffman's most significant election victory may have been in bucking the Democratic sweep in 2006 to become Secretary of State.  He can win in competitive races.  Miklosi only has had experience campaigning in a safe Democratic state house district.

I don't live in the new 6th CD, but I find it incredulous that liberals actually think an unknown and poorly funded Miklosi can knock off a well-known and well-funded incumbent in the latter's home city. 

The big bucks, from the Democratic donors and labor unions, will be going to the 3rd CD race between Scott Tipton and Sal Pace, the Obama presidential effort in Colorado, and trying to take back the State House and hold on to the State Senate.  They are not going to waste precious financial resources on a doomed Miklosi effort.  He's on his own!  

Robert Chase
Robert Chase

I don't know which is the stronger, but Sen. Carroll is one of the few Democrats I could support.

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