Anthony Harvey, home decor expert -- and drug-ring leader, claims indictment (VIDEOS)

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anthony harvey mug shot cropped.jpg
Big pic below.
Decorative Concrete Finishes' Anthony Harvey is the star and narrator of videos on his YouTube channel in which he and his crew reveal how an average backyard can be transformed into a showplace; see examples below. However, his current spotlight time doesn't focus on his skills as an artisan, but as the alleged leader of a drug ring specializing in cocaine and meth.

According to a 95-count, 84-page long indictment, Harvey used Decorative Concrete Finishes' Fort Collins office as the headquarters of an enterprise that peddled an estimated $1 million worth of cocaine per month through Fort Collins to places as far afield as Montana. That required a lot of blow -- ten to twenty kilos every four weeks or so, authorities estimate.

And cops say the group's members didn't limit themselves to a single product. They're also accused of dealing meth -- multiple pounds' worth per month -- plus marijuana and other controlled substances.

Diversification: That's just good business.

Such a large scheme required an equally massive law-enforcement response. As such, the North Metro Drug Task Force and the Drug Enforcement Administration, assisted by the Larimer County District Attorney's Office and the Colorado Attorney General's Office, combined in a take-down dubbed Operation Whiteout. Over the course of several months, investigators tracked Harvey and a slew of apparent co-conspirators before swooping in.

A total of 33 people are named in the indictment. As of yesterday, 22 of them, including Harvey, were in custody. Agents also collected five pounds of cocaine, one pound of methamphetamine, 26 pounds of marijuana, fifteen firearms and more than $90,000 in cash.

Given the current economy, when fewer and fewer of us can afford to pour thousands into landscaping, such a market's got to look attractive. But if Harvey is convicted, he'll have a hard time upgrading his cell.

Look below to see a larger version of Harvey's mug shot, two examples from his YouTube channel and the aforementioned indictment.

anthony harvey mug shot.jpg
Anthony Harvey.

Northern Colo Drug Ring Indictment

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And facts do get twisted, modified, and catastrophically magnified. When reporters get ahold of stories, they tend to beef up speculation  to their own benefit. These charges did exist but only part of what really happened was in fact true. Law enfocement will take speculation and charge an individual with much more just over myth and/ or mere speculation. You cannot believe everything you here and read. Only in their dreams could this "rink" push as much dope as claimed. All that was found on hand was some marijuana and residue in a microwave. The DA is making and magnifying lies. Anthony Harvey received a 14 year prison sentence


Wow i wonder if he thinks its worth it now that he got caught.  All that money that you probabley wont ever see again.  Coming from a person who has been there before trust me its not worth it.  They can take everything you have and everything your family has, even the things you worked hard for. If you cant prove you earned it then youre skrewed.  Anyone who thinks they can get away with shit like that better think about what there is to loose.

i know more than u
i know more than u

These are allegations from one side holding a press conference. Was there a trial or conviction? Uh no, but you wanna smear his name? I smell a defamation suit...wanna be included in that too? Media of any sorts need to wait till all the facts are out not just ALLEGATIONS and hearsay.

Westword suck, wait till a trial, that would take actual reporting instead of regurgitating crap the DA's office hope flies in court.


@rgonza22  He was sentenced to 16 years. This was his first offence and he is still fighting his sentence. His ex-lawyer that hung him out to dry is getting taken to court for ineffective assistance of council.  Funniest thing about all this is that Anthony is now a Paralegal and is helping other inmates to get sentence reductions and freedom because of the illegal practices of our so called judicial system. 


@Wow  There was no money or drugs on Anthony or in his shop. The evidence that rgonza22 said is true, there is no physical evidence, no buys, no product or paraphernalia for sales, no nothing. This was a case of the Assistant Attorney General putting rumors, and rap songs together thinking they were truth. They will get karma for their wrong doings in this case tenfold.

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