Carol Harvey dismissal: Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs looking for her replacement

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Carol Harvey.
The e-mails were flying before last Wednesday's Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs meeting, which had one agenda item: the dismissal of executive secretary Carol Harvey, who'd been on the job since March 2010 and was let go in early November. But during that conference-call meeting, two Colorado tribal leaders agreed with the action of Lieutenant Governor Joe Garcia, and told him to move forward with hiring Harvey's replacement.

Here's the statement released after the meeting by the Lieutenant Governor's office, which oversees the commission:

The Lieutenant Governor and the leaders of the two recognized tribes in Colorado, Chairwoman Pearl Casias of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe and Chairman Gary Hayes of the Ute Mountain Ute Indian Tribe, want to thank Executive Secretary Carol Harvey for her two years of service to the State of Colorado and to the tribes.

The undersigned agree, however, that it is time to improve the overall effectiveness of the government-to-government relationship of the State of Colorado, the Ute Mountain Ute Indian Tribe, and the Southern Ute Indian Tribe. We are committed to working together to recruit the best possible advocate for the State and the tribes to serve in the role of Executive Secretary. This person may be from any federally recognized Indian Tribe. We also arecommitted to working together to build upon the successful work of the past and to ensure the successful efforts of the tribes and the State to advance their shared interests. We believe that a strong and effective leader in the role of Executive Secretary can help to provide a stronger voice for our tribes and for all indigenous people in Colorado.

Joseph A. Garcia
Lieutenant Governor

Gary Hayes, Chairman
Ute Mountain Ute Indian Tribe

Pearl Casias, Chairwoman
Southern Ute Indian Tribe

And here is Harvey's reaction to the conference call, in which she did not participate:
I was never advised that the Tribal Chairs had complained until the week I was terminated me when the LG said in a two sentence conversation that the Tribes said I did not engage in tribal consultation. They may have talked to the LG but he will never be able to say he counseled me because he did not. When we were at Ernest House, Sr.'s funeral he said I should be proud that Ernest House, Jr.. used my eulogy. I was completely unaware of the complaints from the Tribal Chairs and I was never given the opportunity to improve because there never was a conversation on the subject.

Harvey is from the Dine, or Navajo, nation, and not Ute Mountain Ute (Ernest House, who passed away in September, was the leader of that tribe) or Southern Ute -- the only tribes based in Colorado. Some have speculated that's the reason for her ouster. Garcia would not go into any specifics during the meeting, citing the possibility of litigation -- and since Harvey's also an attorney, it's a good guess that a case is coming Colorado's way.

In the meantime, applications for the executive secretary post are being accepted through Wednesday, November 23; find the details here.

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More than an observer
More than an observer

I know several attorneys who happen to be both Navajo and female and I think they are some of the most intelligent, articulate and dedicated people I know.  

The article is not clear as to why Ms. Harvey was removed from her position, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't because she was Navajo.  It is ridiculous to surmise that she did a poor job because she happened to be from a certain tribe.  

And Native Observer, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  After all this is the holiday in which the early settlers and Native Americans came together, even if for a short period of time.  

Native Stalin
Native Stalin

Hey native observer, you better spell the word navajo with a capital N!!! Fuck tard


Native Observer: Since when are "facts" defined by one such as yourself? Sounds more like you are categorizing a whole people based on an opinion, not facts. the Kit Carson "facts" you put up as verification of your opinion are also distortions of facts. Speaking as a "Navajo", or rather, Dine', we continue to reside within our four sacred mountains: of which southern Colo is a part. Look instead to how this removal was played out: Decisions made from within and with those whom couldn't face the lady and detail their qualms. Reminds me of how the Utes hid behind Carson and the US to remain in Colorado. Why don't you do some research BEFORE  you start putting your shoe in your mouth?

Native Observer
Native Observer

Many may not know but navajos are very stubborn and inarticulate people and who can doubt tribes-typically low on political clout-from wanting more articulation! Really, because this women is a navajo 'lawyer' still does not take away the fact that few-if any-navajo attys have  enough moxy to be care or be articulate. Its just the facts so let CO tribes pick their own! FYI, the CO tribes a fraction in number to navajos fought a better fight than they did-they let the diminutive kit carson & 200 men chase their whole tribe around and they left their women, theirold and children behind. How would you want a member of that tribe being your voice! 

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