Colorado Firefighter Calendar: DA investigates as founder Kirsten Hamling resigns (PHOTOS)

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Big pics below.
Fired Up for Kids, a charity founded by Kirsten Hamling that annually produces the hunk-laden Colorado Firefighter Calendar, is embroiled in controversy right now. The Denver District Attorney's Office confirms that it's got an investigation underway even as Hamling has resigned amid assertions that she diverted or mismanaged funds earmarked for The Children's Hospital.

Among the reported allegations against Hamling: that some of the cash raised by calendar sales wound up in her personal account. Also, questions remain about whether Fired Up For Kids was granted nonprofit status, calling into question whether donors were misinformed about their largesse being tax deductible.

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Photo by Amber Taufen
A photo from the calendar launch party in August.
CBS4 has done much of the heavy lifting on this story, as indicated by the fact that correspondent Rick Sallinger was barred from a news conference at which attorneys for Hamling and two Fired Up principals proclaimed their clients' innocence. (The lawyers met with him separately.) A statement issued at the news conference read in part: "At no times did [Hamling] mismanage funds or withhold funds from The Children's Hospital and vehemently denies all allegations to the contrary."

In the meantime, Lynn Kimbrough, spokeswoman for the Denver District Attorney's Office, is trying her best to squelch misinformation that's swirling around the story.

"We received a complaint at the end of September alleging a possible theft of money from that group," she says, "so we have an investigation underway. The investigation, as I understand it, is that money was taken from that group. The nonprofit itself is not under investigation. It's the potential victim."

She adds that "we are not talking about any specific names of people in general" -- meaning that her office hasn't publicly described Hamling, or anyone else, as the focus of the investigation.

In the meantime, however, the growing scandal is an enormous distraction for a charity that's grown by leaps and bounds in recent years due in part to successful events such as its calendar launch party in August. Westword's Amber Taufen covered that bash for our Show and Tell blog. Look below and page down to see sample photos from the calendar, accompanied by Taufen's commentary. That's followed by CBS4's latest report.

December 2011: Charlie Karl

Charlie is a disabled vet with daughters; Erica asked him what advice about boys he'd give the little ones, and he responded: "Stay away!"

Calendar note: "Merry X-Mas, keep warm!"

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Molly Jansen is either as dumb as sand or is far more interested in getting on TV than in the proper representation of a client (frequently the case with billboard lawyers) - or both.  She can take this approach with the DA but the only right answer for the press is "no comment." 

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Kirsten Hamling has a history of lying and mismanagement of money.


Oh please....what a way to drive traffic to your blog by finding a flimsy excuse to feature pictures of half naked firemen.  Wonder how many hits you'll get from Coach Sandusky.


Stephanie Rudat has a history of not minding her own business and running her wiry little mouth all the time. 

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

My guess is that these firefighters are way too old for him. Thanks for the post, Neked.


Haha!  Nice work Firemarshallbill.    #1. I'm the one that will firmly put her name on this comment versus hiding behind an anonymous account like a coward.  #2. Call it running my mouth but I call it exercising my right to Freedom of Expression.  I am vocal on issues centered around human rights & freedoms and report from all around the world.  The only reason why I'm thinking about writing my own story on this is because I know first hand - from Kirsten Hamling falsely representing Fired Up For Kids to me when recruiting me to support  it - how it's detrimentally effected the lives of burn victims.  Never mind how this disenchants generous donors from the nonprofit industry.  Hamling gives one more reason for people to second guess how their contributions are being spent.  Heck with Occupy Denver - Occupy Hamling!

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