Colorado Firefighter Calendar: DA investigates as founder Kirsten Hamling resigns (PHOTOS)

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May 2012: Corey Piper

This Colorado Springs 'fighter is a dead ringer for John Travolta, and he even did a little Saturday Night Fever impression for us. (He also had one of the best songs: "You Can Leave Your Hat On.")

Calendar note: "You're lovely." (The feeling is mutual, Corey!)

June 2012: Molly Meehan

The lone female on the calendar still got lots of love from all the ladies last night. Erica referred to her as the "HBIC: Head Bitch in Charge," and we know lots of guys who would love to have her whipping them into shape!

Calendar note: "Have a sizzlin' summer!"

July 2012: La Don Williams

LaDon dieted to get his physique ripped for the calendar -- and his colleagues helped him out (or not) by baking a cookie the size of a plate.

Calendar note: "Time for some fireworks!"

August 2012: Brian Thorngate

A self-proclaimed gym rat (we can totally tell), Brian chose Nelly's "Hot in Here" for his catwalk strut.

Calendar note: "I hope it's a long, hot August!"

September 2012: Gary Riggins

Gary's the strong-but-silent type, and the beautiful script tattoo across his chest (it reads "Always") reminds him to live strong -- he's a cancer survivor.

Calendar note: "Stay hot this fall!"

October 2012: Nick McKibbin

Nick has a twin sister and a bad-ass tattoo of a Celtic god and goddess across his torso. Rawr!

Calendar note: "I'll keep you hot & wet in October!"

November 2012: Derek Trombetta

We're not saying Derek's packing junk in the trunk -- clearly, he's not -- but his buns are so juicy that he regularly tears his pants.

Calendar note: "Stay strong!"

December 2012: Matt Van Dyken

Matt's a country boy at heart, so in other words, we know he's a big softie.

Calendar note: "Merry Christmas!"

2012 Cover Boy: Colin Brunt

Colin does a killer Chewbacca impression (he demonstrated; it's good) and plays guitar. Swoon!

Calendar note: "You deserve a trillion hearts."

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Molly Jansen is either as dumb as sand or is far more interested in getting on TV than in the proper representation of a client (frequently the case with billboard lawyers) - or both.  She can take this approach with the DA but the only right answer for the press is "no comment." 

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Kirsten Hamling has a history of lying and mismanagement of money.


Oh please....what a way to drive traffic to your blog by finding a flimsy excuse to feature pictures of half naked firemen.  Wonder how many hits you'll get from Coach Sandusky.


Stephanie Rudat has a history of not minding her own business and running her wiry little mouth all the time. 

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

My guess is that these firefighters are way too old for him. Thanks for the post, Neked.


Haha!  Nice work Firemarshallbill.    #1. I'm the one that will firmly put her name on this comment versus hiding behind an anonymous account like a coward.  #2. Call it running my mouth but I call it exercising my right to Freedom of Expression.  I am vocal on issues centered around human rights & freedoms and report from all around the world.  The only reason why I'm thinking about writing my own story on this is because I know first hand - from Kirsten Hamling falsely representing Fired Up For Kids to me when recruiting me to support  it - how it's detrimentally effected the lives of burn victims.  Never mind how this disenchants generous donors from the nonprofit industry.  Hamling gives one more reason for people to second guess how their contributions are being spent.  Heck with Occupy Denver - Occupy Hamling!

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