Reader: Dog shooting was wrong, but if the pets were noisy, the owner deserves punishment

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Yesterday, we shared the story of Cristina Amaro, whose two small dogs, Latte and Swag, appear to have been shot to death.

The post prompted one reader to castigate such actions while at the same time stressing that owners of noisy pets need to be take responsibility for their actions.

Ralph writes:

I love dogs but I hate dog owners that let their dogs bark constantly. It is very sad that someone did this but if the dogs were a constant noise disturbance then it would make sense why a person would do this. Torture makes people do crazy things and being forced to listen to a chronic barking dog in your own residence is torture. Pet owners that allow their dogs to be a nuisance should be punished, not the pets.

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I've seen nothing anywhere saying the dogs were noisy and there were no complaints on file.  So why highlight a comment like this?  It's just someone venting about noisy dogs in general.  Plus it casts blame on the grieving owners where, as far as I can tell, none is warranted.  Seems kind of mean to re-publish it. 


It doesn't "make sense." Complaints could have been made if the dogs were noisy, and none had been filed before. It could have been some sick twist out to get kicks. Hopefully, whoever did this is hit by a car soon. If this had happened to my dogs I don't think I could be held responsible.

Why hasn't there been any police arrests in this case?! What's wrong with us?

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