Emergency Alert System test conspiracy theories cite Comet Elenin, 9/11 (VIDEOS)

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Another day, another doomsday scenario. Hot on the heels of theories that Comet Elenin would destroy life as we know it, followed by former Boulderite Harold Camping's latest failed end-of-the-world prediction come fears of catastrophe associated with today's nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System, taking place at noon in Denver. Among them -- links to Elenin and 9/11.

Some of the paranoia associated with the test was spurred by the near-Earth trajectory of an asteroid known as YU55, which passed by the planet yesterday without any known negative repercussions -- yet! Still, a piece offered up by presents other reasons to be very afraid. An excerpt:

This type of test has never been conducted in the United States and it leaves the question, Is our Government telling us everything we need to know? The International Seed Vault project began in 2008. This is one of the more positive steps being taken in the event that there is a major disaster in 2012. An even more mysterious construction project is currently underway outside of The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Construction workers are digging an enormous hole and refuse to say what they are building. Some suspect that it could be an underground railway to use in the event of an evacuation.

Then there's this, from a Rajetan's Blog item headlined "BIO-WEAPON ON CIVILIAN POPULACE AS DOOMSDAY EVENT LOOMS? (The Intel Hub):"

A very interesting part to the story is how the Earth enters the debris trail of ELENIN on November 9, 2011 -- the very same day of the FEMA/FCC takeover drill.

Not buying it? Then try on the hypothesis of the YouTube commentator below, who maintains that 9/11 was preceded by a test about how best to respond to planes crashing into buildings:

As for the feds, well, they insist the EAS procedure is entirely benign. But Hitler appears to feel differently. Compare and contrast below -- and watch the skies!

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by the time you realize what is happening, you'll be losing your mind all over again (you've changed quite a bit this year now havn't you).

But remember what you read here when that happens.

Reality is a tautological information matrix and you are waking up. Our brothers are coming to aid in the process. We have been visited and in fact, supervised, for thousands of years. Earth is a bit like the truman show.

Remember.....and calm down. Youll know what I speak of is not the usual doomsday bs when it actually happens, and hopefully you will be at peace because the moment it happens you'll know what I wrote down here is true.

Cheers and good luck


and its not the brown dwarf. They are coming to invite us to the galactic community. They towed the brown dwarf star --not a problem anymore.


oh sure....eas was total bs, so was yu55....

but are strange things happening on Earth that are other worldly in origin this year? oh yes.


"Attention fellow Americans: I am starting to lose this election, so we're postponing it until you better understand..."

Hermes Mercury
Hermes Mercury

Sigh*  You people never get tired, its something about the tinfoil I think.Regards

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