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Here are the winners of the 2011 Denver #WebAwards in the category we're loosely dubbing "news," which means Westword scribes report on the happenings in these beats, right here on Latest Word. These are the winners only; for a complete list of finalists go here: "Here are your 2011 Denver #WebAwards finalists." View the complete list of 2011 #WebAwards winners.

Sports Blog
The Ralphie Report is Denver's Best Sports Blog.
The Ralphie Report's coverage of the struggling CU Buffs football program this year has certainly been a challenge for its writers, who for all their support of the Buffs have to call it like they see it on the field. That said, this SB Nation blog keeps readers engaged with pre- and post-game coverage and the usual SB Nation standard of live game threads, making it an information-heavy distraction from a team that's rebuilding.

colorado peak politics.jpg
Political Blog
Colorado Peak Politics is Denver's Best Political Blog.

Because of the secret-secret nature of this blog, it's not entirely clear where it's based. But we're awarding it Denver's Best Political Blog anyway, because, hell, we're in Denver and we read it -- especially when we're in the mood for some conservative snark. Digging into the criminal record of Pueblo state rep and congressional candidate Sal Pace and discovering not one but two (!!) arrests for public urination? Brilliant. Calling him Rep. Sal Pace (D-Urination)? Even more brilliant.

queer radical.jpg
Activist Blogger is Denver's Best Activist Blogger.

Few people would probably ask the same person for sex advice and political interpretation, but the anonymous Queer Radical has the answers to both. With clarity, insight and brash humor, Queer Radical covers topics that will intrigue, infuriate and maybe even annoy you, and does it with brave and creative aplomb across the board. Maintained by donations, the site is an Internet commentary on the sexual revolution penned by a truly sassy online revolutionary.

Best locally built Phone App of the Year
EpicMix is Denver's Best Locally Designed Smartphone App.

For skiers, snowboarders and people who generally enjoy the mountains and snow, EpicMix is the ideal application. It logs ascended vertical feet, awards pins for accomplishments, allows users to post photos and keeps all the information online, so you can constantly check to see who's close to winning (if it was a contest) most days on the mountain. Basically, it's Foursquare, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all compressed into one easy-to-use application. The only drawback is that it only includes Vail Resorts affiliated slopes, so you Mary-Janers and Aspen adventurers are S.O.L. (Snow Outta Luck).

Use of Social Media by Medical Marijuana Dispensary or Activist
Colorado Dispensary Services has Denver's Best Use of Social Media by a Medical Marijuana Dispensary or Activist.

The world of medical marijuana is often ahead of its more traditional peers when it comes to reaching out to patients via social media, providing news updates and the latest in MMJ policy from around the country. With a robust Facebook presence, CDS posts updates several times daily and matches that pace with its Twitter account, @cdscenters. The competition in the MMJ marketplace is as, um, high as that of any other industry in Colorado, but CDS leads the pack.

Local Athlete on Twitter
@matt9duchene is Denver's Best Local Athlete on Twitter.

Tim Tebow may get all the attention, but the Denver athlete with the most entertaining Twitter account is Matt Duchene of the Colorado Avalanche -- if for no other reason than this: Duchene doesn't just use Twitter as a PR tool, nor does he use it for self-aggrandizing or shit talk. Instead, he uses it like the rest of us do. Case in point: His live tweets of the Country Music Awards. Duchene's updates on the CMAs probably irritated some of his followers, but that just makes him all the more one of us. "Sorry if I annoyed anyone else as much as @TJGaliardi, the CMAs are just a big tv night for me haha." It's okay, Matt. We're still following you.

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Hi,Thank you for your nice article . It will help me.Thanks

High Country Caregiver
High Country Caregiver

Last night was so much fun, thanks Westword!  Robert Chase got the biggest ovation in the room when he beat me for 'Best Commenter'.  Way to go Robert!  Thanks also to the DJ's, the Dendrites, and the Vienna Chicago Style hot dogs and beef.  Thanks Dave's Pale Brewery for letting me pound like 8 beers in an hour.

William Breathes
William Breathes

My biggest regret of not being able to make it last night was not meeting you face to face, HCC. That said, I'm a little disappointed that you didn't leave any of your herb with my editors for me to try out. 


High Country Caregiver
High Country Caregiver

Your editors and I and the masses blazed through about an ounce of TuTone. Missed meeting you too Breathes.

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