Marijuana advocate on dubbing of Denver Police Chief Robert White as Captain Cannabis

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Bigger pic below.
Although the Medical Marijuana Assistance Program of America (MMAPA) is a serious organization, the group recently sent out an apparently silly release -- a suggestion that marijuana advocates adopt as their mascot a photo illustration of incoming Denver Police Chief Robert White as pot superhero Captain Cannabis. But the MMAPA's Vincent Palazzotto insists that this lighthearted notion illustrates a serious point.

The inspiration for the illustration can be found in news reports about White registering positive for marijuana after a preliminary blood test back in 1985. Turns out the reading was a false positive, and according to the Denver Post , White sued the police union in Washington, D.C. for making the info public, and won.

Given this reaction, is Palazzotto at all concerned White will be more prone to crack down on marijuana users if only to prove that he's not Captain Cannabis? He says no. "The chief's an intelligent man, rooted in law enforcement. So we think he'll probably take it as an opportunity to focus on more important things than cannabis."

At the same time, though, he thinks the Captain Cannabis concept offers a good opportunity to engage White on behalf of MMJ users. "It's all about the patients," he stresses, "and we would encourage the department to develop a process, standards and procedures to work with them. That way, patients will know what to expect when they encounter law enforcement.

"It sucks to be a patient and fear that every time an administration changes, they'll be subject to a new policy," he continues. "When patients in the city of Denver hear a knock on their door, they don't know how the Denver Police Department intends to deal with them -- and that's the real problem in all of this.

"We don't know what stance and interpretation the chief will take toward the medical marijuana industry. Does he think it's a joke? Or does he respect it as the law, and respect the choices of patients who have MS or cancer and who choose to treat their conditions with this. That's why we need to know where he stands when it comes to working with and dealing with patients."

And if there's any chance of him really becoming Captain Cannabis. Here's a larger version of the illustration.

robert white captain cannabis.jpg
Robert White as Captain Cannabis.
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An appeal to all Prohibitionists:

Most of us are aware by now that individuals who use illegal drugs are going to get high, 'no matter what.' So why do you not prefer they acquire them in stores that check IDs and pay taxes? Gifting the market in narcotics to ruthless criminals, foreign terrorists and corrupt law enforcement officials is seriously compromising our future. If you remotely believe that people will one day quit using any of these 'at present' illegal drugs, then you are exhibiting a degree of naivety parallel only with those poor wretches who voluntarily drank the poisoned Kool-Aid in Jonestown.

Even if you cannot stand the thought of people using drugs, there is absolutely nothing you, or any government, can do to stop them. We have spent 40 years and over a trillion dollars on this dangerous farce. Practically everybody is now aware that Prohibition will not suddenly and miraculously start showing different results. So why do you wish to continue with it? Do you actually think you may have something to lose If we were to start basing drug policy on science & logic instead of ignorance, hate and lies? 

Maybe you're a police officer, a prison guard or a local politician. Possibly you're scared of losing employment, overtime-pay, the many kick-backs and those regular fat bribes. But what good will any of that do you once our society has followed Mexico over the dystopian abyss of dismembered bodies, vats of acid and marauding thugs carrying gold-plated AK-47s with leopard-skinned gunstocks? 

Kindly allow us to forgo the next level of your sycophantic prohibition-engendered mayhem. 

Prohibition Prevents Regulation : Legalize, Regulate and Tax!


Vincent Palazzotto is a schmuck. He has done nothing but make the movement look like a bunch of fools. He patronizes everyone associated with this business. His organization made a mockery of the Doctors involved with this business with his silly silver mobile pot doctors trailers that seem to show up anytime they can make a buck!I would hope the MMJ community would get rid of this loser, and distance themselves from the childish antics he brings with him! 

Donkey Hotay
Donkey Hotay

Pot clinic manager gets 16 months prison

GRANTS PASS, Ore. (AP) — The manager of a medical marijuana clinic in Southern Oregon has been sentenced to 16 months in prison for growing and selling pot.

Josephine County Circuit Judge Pat Wolke told Brenda Thomas on Monday that he was imposing the sentence to show people that using the Oregon medical marijuana law to cover up illegal drug dealing will be punished."The majority of people in the Medical Marijuana Program are obeying the law," Wolke said. "There is a substantial minority who are not. They are overgrowing, and they are selling. ... I think the Medical Marijuana Program is hurt by people who thumb their nose at the law."Thomas was led away in handcuffs and in tears to begin serving her sentence immediately. She called out to supporters to arrange for someone to take her roommate to the doctor.Thomas was the manager of the Hemp and Cannabis Foundation office in Grants Pass, part of a chain of medical marijuana clinics owned by marijuana activist Paul Stanford.

More --

Robert Chase
Robert Chase

The moniker is already in use -- Kyle Marsh is Captain Cannabis!

Donkey Hotay
Donkey Hotay

Political Strategy = FAIL!

No wonder marijuana is still illegal after all these years, the sophomoric pro-pot activists couldn't negotiate a blow-job in a women's prison if they had box full of pardons.


An important aspect of Individual freedom is the right to self-medicate, or to do with yourself as you please as long as your actions cause no unnecessary suffering or direct harm to others. Some among us may disagree with this, and they should be free to believe what they wish. But the moment they are willing to use force (paid for with our own hard-earned taxes) to impose their will on the rest of us, is the exact same moment that the petty criminals/dealers, the Mafia, drug barons, terrorists and corrupt government officials/agencies enter the equation. The problems created by any possible self-harm then rapidly pale into insignificance as society spirals downwards into a dark abyss, while the most shady characters and black-market corporate entities exponentially enrich themselves in a feeding frenzy likened to that of piranhas on 'prohibition engendered' bath-tub meth.

Prohibition is nothing less than a grotesque dystopian nightmare; if you support it you must be either ignorant, stupid, brainwashed, insane or corrupt.

“The greater the number of laws, the more corrupt the republic.” Tacitus

Donkey Hotay
Donkey Hotay

PS -- "Regulate and Tax" = Restrict and Destroy

What idiot invites the GOVERNMENT to Regulate and Tax anything they really care about ?

How you like HB1284 and the 100s of pages of DOR regulations and the MILLIONS of $$ in Taxes and Fees -- that come from Patients' pockets -- currently in place in Colorado ?

Note to DOR -- malcomkyle wants MORE Regulations and MORE taxes for MMJ !!

Donkey Hotay
Donkey Hotay

Legalize ALL recreational drugs !!

Legalize Cocaine !Legalize Heroin !Legalize MDMA !Legalize LSD !

Free Americans have a "right" to do any drugs they want, anytime they want, anyplace they want!

Live Free or (and) Die !

Donkey Hotay
Donkey Hotay

... and Doctor Reefer is cooling his heels in Federal Prison


Try chocolate covered pardons, might get a hand job at least.

Donkey Hotay
Donkey Hotay

"Don't do the crime if you can't do the time"-- Robert "Baretta" Blake

Robert Chase
Robert Chase

Your absolute assurance that the drugs you name are deadly is absolutely wrong (although overdoses of heroin and sequelae of intravenous infection cause some deaths) --  tobacco kills ~435,000 Americans every year, which is about twenty-five (25) times as many as are killed by all illicit drugs combined!  Our drug laws violate any reasonable concept of personal privacy and the scope of personal freedom under our Constitution, and they are completely irrational from the standpoint of public health on the evidence that they allow the free use of an extremely addictive drug, 25 times more deadly than all others combined, while making felonious the use of essentially harmless intoxicants.  Your determined ignorance of the facts of this debate make foolish your argument (or insinuations, as the case may be).

Robert Chase
Robert Chase

That is a non-sequitur.

Do you enjoy throwing away our money keeping Pierre Werner in prison?

Your comments remind me of those of other thieves who boast of their exploits over the Internet.

In what manner has Pierre Werner harmed you or anyone else (or is such a standard alien to your conception of justice)?


Please pay attention my dear Donkey. This debate is not about promoting crime, it's about the failure of your beloved policy of prohibition. Now kindly answer the following simple questions:

#1. Why do you rejoice at the fact that we have all been stripped of our 4th amendment rights and are now totally subordinate to a corporatized, despotic government with a heavily armed and corrupt, militarized police force whose often deadly intrusions into our homes and lives are condoned by an equally corrupt and spineless judiciary?

#2. Why do you wish to continue to spend $50 billion a year to prosecute and cage your fellow citizens for choosing drugs which are not more dangerous than those of which you yourself use and approve of such as alcohol and tobacco?

#3. Do you honestly expect the rest of us to look on passively while you waste another trillion dollars on this ruinously expensive garbage policy?

#4. Why are your waging war on your own family, friends and neighbors?

#5. Why are you so complacent with the fact that our once 'free & proud' nation now has the largest percentage of it's citizenry incarcerated than any other on the entire planet?

#6. Why are you helping to fuel a budget crisis to the point of closing hospitals, schools and libraries?

#7. Why do you rejoice at wasting precious resources on prohibition related undercover work while rapists and murderers walk free, while additionally, many cases involving murder and rape do not even get taken to trial because law enforcement priorities are subverted by your beloved failed and dangerous policy?

#8. Why are you such a supporter of the 'prison industrial complex' to the extent of endangering our own children?

#9. Will you graciously applaud, when due to your own incipient and authoritarian approach, even your own child is caged and raped?

* It is estimated that there are over 300,000 instances of prison rape a year.

* 196,000 are estimated to happen to men in prison.

* 123,000 are estimated to happen to men in county jail.

* 40,000 are estimated to be committed against boys in either adult prisons or while in juvenile facilities or lock ups.

* 5000 women are estimated to be raped in prison. 

#10. And will you also applaud when your own child, due to an unnecessary and counter productive felony conviction, can no longer find employment?

Donkey Hotay
Donkey Hotay

According to the Travel Brochures -- The U$A is the "greatest nation in the world! ... One Nation, under GOD, with LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL!"

Why do you hate it so much ?

Robert Chase
Robert Chase

I ask you pertinent questions, and you retreat into flippancy.

Whence comes your animus against cannabis, and how can you rationalize the present form and scale of our criminal injustice system, especially as it relates to the enforcement of the drug laws?

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