Reader: Age doesn't necessarily equal wisdom at Occupy Denver or anywhere else

One of the best things about blog comments is the way random wisdom or funny observations can pop up at any moment.

Consider the following, from Kelsey Whipple's post about the clashes between police and Occupy Denver protesters this past weekend.

Ginasguyken writes:

I am 60 and have been around old people a lot and I have found, despite this myth of aged wisdom, most old folks are idiots and don't know shit from shinola.

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Robert Chase
Robert Chase

Of course age does not imply wisdom.  Formerly, the mere fact that someone had attained old age was exceptional enough to merit respect; now, having briefly created the medical, social, and economic conditions in which many live to be old, the connotation of wisdom with age must weaken, but those few with the wit to take in what is around them and are of long experience should yet be counted wise.

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