Occupy Denver: Watch the election of the local movement's canine leader, Shelby (VIDEO)

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Occupy Denver's Shelby, a Border Collie mix who's the first official (and only canine) leader of an occupation movement, has already achieved an Internet milestone -- a post in Gawker. Nonetheless, her head honcho status has sparked debate among those who think her election ridicules the movement -- a claim we answer with a completely gratuitous video. Look below to watch Shelby's anti-corporate personhood emerge as she reacts to her nomination while trying very carefully to both sit and stay.

The video, aside from being adorable, shows the 7 p.m. general assembly process that led to the official election of the three-and-a-half-year-old into politics Sunday night. Shot by Jentsch (the voice behind the polite commands issued to his charge), a filmmaker by trade, the twelve-minute clip includes her nomination, courtesy of Aaron "Al" Nesby, followed by a series of plaintive and precocious glances at the camera, during which Shelby almost breaks the fourth wall.

"I expected so much more opposition than there was," Jentsch said immediately after Shelby's election. "She's very politically active and has been protesting leashes since she first came down here, so maybe everyone has become used to her politics and likes her as a candidate. She's a very smart girl."

In a press release sent out to announce their new leader, Occupy Denver's media and PR team confirmed that Shelby will be leading Saturday's rally "and invites all other civic minded dogs (and their leash-holders) to join." Yesterday, she stepped up her political duties when, with the help of a human constituent who filled out the paperwork, Shelby filed a request to meet with Governor John Hickenlooper.

Page down to see more photos of Shelby.

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