Reader: If honking to support Occupy Denver protesters is outlawed, only outlaws will honk

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Yesterday, Kelsey Whipple shared the bizarre story of a man ticketed by a Denver Police officer for honking two or three times in support of Occupy Denver protesters.

If an edict against celebratory horn-tapping is strictly enforced, one reader envisions at least one rich source of potential ticket recipients.

Artcarmark writes:

Interesting. So, do newlyweds get $60 fines in Denver?

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Since DPD is enamoured with cutesy little sayings for T-shirts, I think we could get one for them that says: "Prevent honking tickets, hit a cop today!"

Samuel Stray
Samuel Stray

The police are ticketing cars for honking their horns? Since When?I can't get no sleep. Cars keep honking there horns to wake us up.I'm going back underneath the Speer bridge to sleep where it's nice and dry and quiet.

Bob Smith
Bob Smith

Just think how much we could collect during election season what with all the honking at the sign-wavers.  One good pre-election week and we could balance the budget for years.

I mean, there's no difference between a dirty lazy slacker and a politician is there, if the issue is honking a horn in support? Disturbing the peace is disturbing the peace; it's the action that's being punished, not the idea or cause supported, right? 

We all know our politicians are upstanding, law-abiding citizens, not hypocrites who support laws only when convenient for them. I look forward to the bonanza.


Just another way for the Denver governemnt to try to stifle free speech. Who cares if a horn is honked during the day in downtown Denver. It's so noisy down there anyway does this mean the cops will ticket all the other noise ordinance breakers to such as the construction workers using a jack hammer?

Why of course not! Construction noise is not free speech so why ticket it!

Fuck the cops and fuck our government! From the local leveel to the federal level, all, both repubs and dems MUST go! All of them are too greedy!

Speaking of which...did you know that all CEO's, business executives and government officials are atheist?

Last time I looked lying and greed were sins but these people seem to ignore that.

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