Occupy Denver gets national platform during Jeannie Hartley interview by Keith Olbermann

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Video below.
Occupy Denver may not be among the largest of the Occupy Wall Street spinoffs, but increasing violence and the growing number of arrests have gotten the national media's attention. Witness the appearance last night on Countdown with Keith Olbermann by Occupy Denver's Jeannie Hartley. One of the group's most active tweeters, Hartley found Olbermann to be a most sympathetic interviewer -- hardly the rule among national media figures.

Check out their conversation below.

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I was down there and her statements are not correct.  There were protestors that refused to take down tents and take every opportunity to insight police.  Most of the people down there arent even Occupy Denver, they are homeless and antarchists that have taken a legitimate protest away and now use it for a an area to get free food, drink alcohol and scream at police and at eachother every Saturday. It looks like a bad homeless shelter at best. 

John Thomas
John Thomas

I agree with both of them--when you look for a riot, see who's dressed for one.....

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