Occupy Denver dog leader Shelby (and Michael Bennet) get Rachel Maddow shout-outs (VIDEO)

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Video below.
While neither Occupy Denver nor its donors have been getting much love from the Denver Police Department, at least OD dog leader Shelby is generating good publicity nationwide. Last night, the pooch scored airtime on Rachel Maddow's MSNBC program courtesy of a photo and quote from Kelsey Whipple's coverage. And she wasn't the only Coloradan getting a close-up.

Also featured was Senator Michael Bennet's very amusing rant (complete with charts!) about the unpopularity of Congress: a 9 percent approval rating, which, as he pointed out, is almost within the margin of error for zero. Bennet added that the Internal Revenue Service is over four times more popular than Congress, and a certain "actress" (Paris Hilton, who he avoided naming, but Maddow did) tops our elected officials by 6 percent.

Not that it's all bad news: Congress remains slightly more beloved than Fidel Castro.

Look below to see the Shelby moment (it's about just past three and a half minutes in) and the Bennet segment, which kicks off the second video.

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Yay. Shelby gets more famous everyday.  Sadly, Shelby is having to take lumps too.  Haters are mocking this peaceful dog left and right online, "photo-chopping" it's head off and replacing it with Che Guevara's, etc.  Even a lot of Occupy Denver protesters dislike the idea of Shelby's election, but a moment of whimsy here and there ruins nothing.

Robert Chase
Robert Chase

Whimsy is the last thing the general assembly needs to evoke -- a statement of purpose or a constitution are considered overdue by many observers.  The corporate media have been trying to nail down a coffin lid on the movement since its inception, and it would appear that they consider Shelby to be one more nail.

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