Occupy Trinidad has a hot idea for the cold months ahead

With temperatures predicted to plummet to just above zero later this week, Occupy Denver is looking increasingly like Occupy Iceberg. But protesters in a small Colorado city a few hours to the south -- Occupy Trinidad -- have figured out how to keep themselves occupied in the cold winter months ahead.

Here's the missive that Doug Holdread, who's been instrumental in the fight to keep the Army from making further incursions into Pinon Canyon, just sent out:

We're fortunate to live in Trinidad. Things are still on a sustainable, human scale. We can still make healthy choices for ourselves and our community.

Choices like investing in Trinidad's economy by doing business locally and putting our money into local financial institutions.

Choices like supporting local agriculture; everything from community gardens, to
farmer's markets, to family ranching operations.

Choices like supporting the rights of workers in our community to organize and to
receive fair wages and to work under humane and safe conditions.

Choices to reclaim our land, water and natural resources as our own, so that we
can take advantage of the abundance of solar, wind, and geothermal resources
that are healthy and sustainable.

Choices like supporting our local cultural organizations by attending concerts by
local musicians and buying art created by local artists and visiting local museums.

We are at a point where making these choices is more important than ever. The
economic disparity between the richest 1% and the rest of us, "the 99%," is
threatening everything that we hold dear. Our elected representatives
overwhelmingly belong to the 1%. They serve corporate, Wall Street interests
instead of serving the people. They have failed to fund education and health care and alternative energy development. They spend billions each week on high-tech wars in foreign lands where we are not wanted while neglecting our returning veterans.

We find ourselves being buried in debt, losing our homes, our educational
opportunities, our jobs and our future economic security because of the unfair,
unethical and often illegal manipulations of insiders in Washington and Wall Street.

That is why we have organized an "Occupy Trinidad" group. It is clear to us that
it is now, or never. The old system is broken beyond repair. It is time for us to
engage together in the creation of new ways to serve the common good.

We commit to "occupying" Trinidad by being fully present in our community,
setting aside our political and religious differences in order to engage in a
conversation together which focuses upon our common concerns and aims
at solutions that we can all embrace. We commit to engaging in a more
horizontal and inclusive expression of democracy which works toward

Here in Trinidad, 100% of us can support and protect each other in this place that we "occupy" and call our home.

That warms the heart... and the hindquarters, too, as the temperature drops.

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jay say
jay say

All citizens concerned about the economy need to look at provincial solutions and practical plans because the world economy has been manipulated in negative fashion relative to the 99 percent...

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