Red-light cameras at intersections set to nab people trying to turn right on red?

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36th & Quebec.
Cameras at intersections have plenty of detractors, many of whom claim their usage is more about revenue enhancement than safety. Now, a Complete Colorado report offers some numbers to back up this theory. On one day, 94 percent of tickets issued at a major metro intersection targeted cars in the right lane -- most of which likely crossed the stop line to turn right on red.

Several local TV stations have done traffic-camera-related stories in recent months -- and a Fox31 piece from April that questioned how cameras are deployed so irritated the Denver Police Department that it asked Twitter followers to compare its fairness to a less inflammatory 9News piece that ran last month. (The 9News item was deemed more evenhanded, but just as many people didn't care about the issue.) In addition, CBS4 recently offered an item suggesting that a large number of traffic-camera tickets are issued to vehicles that go over the white line but stop rather than actually running a red.

Against this backdrop, Complete Colorado's Todd Shepherd requested all the tickets issued at 36th and Quebec for a single day. Of the 51 written during that time period, 48 of them -- or approximately 94 percent -- involved cars in the right-hand lane.

This results didn't thrill Denver City Councilwoman Jeanne Faatz, who told Shepherd, "It disturbs me that a significant number of the tickets appear to be related to right-on-red turns, where no one's safety is in question. I have always believed photo red-light tickets shouldn't be issued if an on-site officer, exercising his lawful discretion, wouldn't have written a ticket. Citations like this cause citizens to question whether government programs have any correlation with common sense."

Read the entire report, and look below to see the aforementioned CBS4 piece.

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Westword people aren't any smarter than the Fox 31 morons!  If you would pay attention, it's not about running the red light, in fact violators aren't even charged with running a red light.  It's about stopping at or before the white stop bar while the light is red.

Colorado Mmj Patient
Colorado Mmj Patient

PEOPLE - You do NOT have to pay photo tickets unless they are served IN PERSON. They have 90 days to serve you.

CRS 42-4-110.5(a)(II) requires the complaint to served (personally handed to you) NO LATER THAN 90 DAYS.

I received this ticket last year and never paid a dime.


Excuse me if I don't believe that red light cameras were ever about safety.  Seems to me that they were always about revenue generation.  Especially since a private company is getting a cut.  Same with the photo radar tickets.


If you're going to jump on the Fox 31 Denver idiot band wagon, at least get the story/facts straight before posting a story that you really know very little about!  Fortunately not many people watch Fox 31 as people continue to violate this law and I'm sure even less read -this wanna-be newspaper!!

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