Reader: New Denver Police Chief Robert White saying the right things -- but will he do them?

chief robert white.jpg
Robert White.
New Denver Police Chief Robert White acknowledges that he's got a big job ahead of him when it comes to building a positive relationship between residents and the local force.

The following post from a doubting reader demonstrates just how large the challenge will be.

XX writes:

People, this future DPD Chief is saying nothing different from what the chiefs before him said. "This department is for the people," "We will be transparent." It's all a joke. At the start and end of the day, the Blue Brother/Sister Hood is all that is going to matter to him. If we what a different type of people in offices such as this, we must change how we approach who we elect and what laws we let pass.

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Robert Chase
Robert Chase

Chief White apparently has a history of firing bad cops, which is what the DPD needs more than anything else right now, but his answers to activists' questions at La Escuela Tlatelolco yesterday were platitudinous.  The new chief speaks BAE rather than standard English and at one point (by way of recounting his experience in dealing with minorities), touted his experience in dealing with "Simoleons" (presumably the Samoan community in DC).  We will have to judge him by his performance.

He offered no cause for optimism for Occupy Denver, expressing his hope that the present administration would deal with it before he returns in December.


We can't judge the new Chief on the actions and attitudes of prior chiefs, or the actions and attitudes of the man who hired him.  Let's give the new Chief a fair chance to prove himself.

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