Tim Tebow is making more believers every day, even if he seems too perfect

Tim Tebow.
Tim Tebow's latest improbable comeback against the New York Jets, after well over three quarters of ineptitude, prompted us to dub him the best awful quarterback in NFL history.

One reader was feeling similarly torn about The Chosen One. But not anymore.

Yooo writes:

Denver fans and people living in Denver like Tebow for his character, his will, mind over matter, his leadership, desire to win, and his not being selfish. I used to not like Tebow at Florida for the same reasons as everyone else -- he is too perfect! But now he has made me a believer and makes more believers in the city everyday. He will be the one to bring the next rise of the Broncos dynasty!

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I smiled seeing your name, Letkemann. The media still does matter, there's just not much left, it seems. Great to read you again.


OK, enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The best player in the Western Division of the AFC is Von Miller.

And the defense as a whole played lights out for the entire game, while "the chosen one" committed gaffe after gaffe, threw balls to open guys in the dirt, and looked every bit of what he is..........................LOST...........................out there for 55 minutes........AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tebow's not even the best player on his own offense, as Clady is, even on one leg.

Kudos to the kid for the gutsy last minute job, and thank you to the Jets for running an inside blitz with no edge contain on the TD with :58 left, but at least be reasonable.

The defense held the Jets to13 points, secured 3 turnovers, and put the offense in position to win it.

Had they been anything less than spectacular, the last drive wouldn't have mattered.

The best player on that team is #58, and he's disrespected with every "te-bow", phony comparison, and bullshit prediction that this kid can play quarterback.

The lack of perspective in this is embarrassing.

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