Top 25 mug shots of October 2011

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tyrea taylor mug shot cropped.jpg
Big pics below.
The latest edition of our monthly mug shot roundups is a little late, but it makes up for tardiness with vivid images of folks accused or convicted of doing bad (and often weird) things: an alleged money-bilking psychic, the Wax Trax crasher and more.

Check out the entire collection below -- and click on the headlines beneath each pic to get the rest of the story.

Eastwood, Bruco Strong Eagle (012178).jpg
Bruco Eastwood.
Bruco Eastwood: Read more in "Bruco Eastwood found not guilty by reason of insanity in Deer Creek Middle School shooting."

thomas frank ross mug shot.jpg
Thomas Frank Ross.
Thomas Frank Ross. Read more in "Thomas Frank Ross: DA's office decides against bias-motivated crime charge in Asian food fight."

joseph conway mug shot.jpg
Joseph Conway.
Joseph Conway. Read more in "Joseph Conway's bad trip: He allegedly freaks out on LSD, gets pepper-sprayed on highway."

mark rubinson mug shot.jpg
Mark Rubinson.
Mark Rubinson. Read more in "Mark Rubinson, Weekend at Bernie's reenactor: Did he want to be a fantasy Ninja? (VIDEO)."

eric barney mug shot 2.jpg
Eric Barney.
Eric Barney. Read more in "Eric Barney accused of holding girlfriend hostage for two months, torturing her."

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Aleah Draper
Aleah Draper

I think that who ever lied on Eric Barney is a real pain in the ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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