Twitter Nation hates on Tim Tebow: 10 nasty (and funny, if you're not a Broncos fan) tweets

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Tim Tebow.
After Tim Tebow's Miami Miracle, Kyle Garratt shared the ten best tweets about The Chosen One. But the worm has turned, and this week, Twitter Nation has been raining hate on poor Timmy. Fortunately, some of it's pretty amusing -- unless you're the kind of person who was offended by the Detroit Lions' mock-Tebowing, that is. Check out our countdown below.

Kim Kardashian's marriage lasted about as long as the idea that Tim Tebow is a good quarterback.
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10. Faux John Madden: Don't watch Kim's show, Tim. It's unholy.

Tim Tebow is to quarterbacking what Justin Bieber is to music.
Oct 31 via webFavoriteRetweetReply

9. Scott Ferrier: Oh, "Baby..."

It seems God wants Tim Tebow to succeed in the NFL as much as He wants Sarah Palin to be president.
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8. Rex Huppke: Tebow can see a touchdown from his house.

Tonight I'm wearing a Tim Tebow jersey so I can throw candy 15 feet above kids heads. Oh, the hilarity.
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7. The Bill Walton Trip: Go long!

All this Herman Cain & Kim Kardashian nonsense today is just a ploy by radical Christians to get the focus off of Tim Tebow.
Oct 31 via webFavoriteRetweetReply

6. Wolfrum: Our second Kim Kardashian reference -- but our first Herman Cain!

If Tim tebow was black he would be a tight end right now
Nov 01 via TweetlogixFavoriteRetweetReply

5. Wiseservant: Had to figure someone would play the race card.

Page down to see the top five.

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Colorado Mmj Patient
Colorado Mmj Patient

Why is Tebow not a tight end yet?  Maybe the are doing the "suck for Luck" campaign. 

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Unfortunately, the Broncos have two more wins than a number of teams out there. Thanks for the post, Patient.

Colorado Mmj Patient
Colorado Mmj Patient

I don't think Peyton will let the Colts draft Luck.  We really need Miami to win a few.  St. Louis has Bradford, Jacksonville has Gabbert, Carolina has Cam, Minn has Ponder, so I don't think they are in the race.  

We may just have to trade up, but who knows at this point. 

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Your point about Indy is interesting. If they go winless and land the first pick, they might be willing to deal. Thanks again.

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