Andrew Romanoff says time isn't right to take on Mike Coffman in race for Congress

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Andrew Romanoff.
Andrew Romanoff returns his calls, but it may take him a while. We dialed the ex-Colorado House speaker and Senate candidate for our November 22 interview with Democrat Joe Miklosi, who's taking on Mike Coffman in the 6th Congressional District, about rumors that he was being urged to throw his hat into the ring, too. Today, he phoned back to say he's decided against doing so.

"A lot of people have encouraged me to run," he concedes. "I probably got a couple of hundred calls and e-mails from folks, people I respect, starting last summer. And the calls really stepped up after the maps came out" -- a reference to new boundary lines that appear to make the traditionally safe Republican district much more competitive than in the past. "But I didn't end up anywhere different than where I started."

Why not? Was it because taking on Coffman, a well-entrenched incumbent, during a year when Democrats can expect to be under steady fire over the economy, will be a challenge despite the changes? "No, I'm accustomed to tough fights," he replies. "It was really a matter of personal timing."

That's due in part to his current gig with International Development Enterprises, a nonprofit based in Golden that Romanoff describes as "helping small-scale farmers increase their income and crawl out of poverty all over the world. We do work in Asia, Latin America, and I've gone to Africa a couple of times in the past year" -- experiences he's shared in blog posts on his website.

Nonetheless, Romanoff, who's thrown his support behind Miklosi in the 6th, makes it clear that he hasn't retired from politics. "I love public service, and I loved my job at the State House," he says. "I hope I'll have another chance to serve in some public capacity. But just not right now."

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Phone Call we all missed:

MB:  Uh Andrew?  Michael Bennett here.  I hear you are thinking of running for Congress.  Really?  Really?  Baw ha ha ha!!!  No, really? AR:  Oh, I don't know, I thought I'd test the waters.

MB:  Let me tell you sumpten straight up Andrew....I know members of Congress, members of Congress are friends of mine, as God is my witness, you sir, will never be a Congressman.

AR:  Really?  I'm willing to sell my apartment to raise money to do it.

MB: You can sell your mother for all I care, last thing I need is a pansy-ass move-on, occupy wall street sympathizer gummin things up for me here.  I'm still running on this "Aw shucks, Mr. Bennett goes to Washington" thing here.  How will that look if you come up here stealing my  "I hate Washington" thunder?  Besides,  there's a certain Washington Post columnist you screwed over in college that has a long memory he's fond of sharing with a lot of folks up here.

AR:  Yeah, you got a point.  I'll stick around here and maybe run for Governor against Hick.

MB:  Yeah, you just go ahead and do that.  That'd be just fine. 


I have to disagree with the premise that Democrats will be "under steady fire over the economy".

That's not even close.

Yes, the recovery's been horribly slow................and it's put all of us under intense economic pressure as a result.............but the fault lies in republican obstruction to the Jobs Bill, the Second Stimulus, the Middle Income Tax Cut Extension, the ending of the Bush Tax Cuts for the top 1%, and the 305 plus and counting filibusters these republican snakes have thrown up the last 3 years.

Many Americans.............the hillbilly half and the top 1% to nail the to see the forest through the trees. There's the goobers buying the gays, guns, God, and phony patriotism con the repubs are feeding them, the crazy anti-choice zealots, the anti union morons that don't understand that to live in the middle class a person must make a living wage, the anti education munchers, the "survivor", "dancing with the stars", and " keeping up with the kardashians" sycophants, and the elderly white christian anti "entitlement" grinches.........who also happen to be on "entitlements. No denying they make up a chunk of the population, under or just plain, out and out uninformed zombies, easily led by the nose toward conservative positions and mouthpieces.

But the nation is by and large paying attention to the economic forces, trends, consequences and the reasons why.

The Democrats need to and will reinforce the message that the only way out of the current republican caused and continuing recession is to not only reelect the President, but also an absolutely filibuster proof Senate and overwhelmingly Democratic House of Representatives.

The hillbilly half will vote with the 1%, as they always do. Dummies one and all. But the majority of American voters will use their common sense and end this republican reign of terror.

Romanov would have won, and Miklosi has a break even chance. When even Coffman's crazy white conservative christian zany populated district is trending away from the republicans, to the good guys, you know the winds of change favor the Democrats.

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