Best tattoo-rocking mug shots of 2011

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eric barney mug shot small.jpg
Photos below.
Our annual look at the year's most memorable mug shots is just getting started.

We kicked off with collections focusing on intimidating images and snaps of celebrities and notables. Now, check out those jailbound models with the most interesting facial and neck tattoos. See them below, and be sure to click on the accompanying links to see our original coverage.

andrew terry mug shot.jpg
Andrew Terry.
Read more in "Andrew Terry gets murder charge after crushing Thornton cop's foot, trying to run down officer."

Keith Nick Ruiz.
Read more in "Keith Ruiz busted in death of 2-year-old Dolci Gryshayeva, spokesman calls details disturbing."

mark sepulveda mug shot large.jpg
Mark Sepulveda.
Read more in "Mark Sepulveda, Juan Carlos murder suspect, confirmed killed in cell-phone store robbery."

Page down for more ink.

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Westwood yous are pathetic ass fucks! Who cares if these guys have neck tattoos what's your point 95% of the population have tattoos why post bullshit on these guys tattoos do u know the meaning of them!!!most tattoos people mark their body with are meaningful to their life!


People need to start posting the lies and bullshit Westwood comes up with .. I'm pretty sure every story that has ever been published is false information they have!

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