New website ranks schools on scale of A to F

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Flickr, a new website developed by a coalition education advocacy groups, attempts to simplify the process of figuring out whether a school is a gem or a lemon. Using the same data used by the state to label schools on a scale from "performance" to "turnaround," the easy-to-use website gives them a grade from A to F. For instance, how to Denver's traditional public high schools stack up?

Scroll down to take a look.
(Note: Grades were not available for all schools.)

abraham lincoln high_opt.png

bruce randolph_opt.png


denver school of the arts_opt.png

east high_opt.png

george washington high_opt.png

john f kennedy high_opt.png

manual high_opt.png

mlk jr early college_opt.png

montbello high_opt.png

north high_opt.png

south high_opt.png

thomas jefferson high_opt.png

west high_opt.png

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My only question is: What are the 18 high schools that rank BELOW West?We know how rotten West and North are so I cannot imagine what you have to do to get underneath them.

You forgot which I cannot find either.

I really like this new site, but their search mechanism needs some work.


Its about time we started putting a Grade to the School ... now we need to get a plan in place to get the GRADE up ! Ernie's Gutter

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