Daniel DeWild, plus brother and sister-in-law, busted in 2003 murder of Heather DeWild

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In 2003, Heather DeWild disappeared two days before her divorce was to be finalized, and she was found dead weeks later. From the beginning, suspicion fell on her supposed-to-be-ex, Daniel, but no arrests were made -- until now.

Daniel, his twin brother David and David's wife Roseanne, have all been indicted for murder, in a move that's been a long time coming.

"Ultimately, the case went a little bit cold," admits Pam Russell, spokesman for Jefferson County District Attorney Scott Storey's office. "Then, in 2005, when Scott became DA, Heather's parents contacted him, and Scott just felt compelled to move forward with this investigation, and to make a commitment to them to resolve this case and bring justice to Heather."

heather dewild.jpg
Heather DeWild.
Prior to vanishing, DeWild was last seen when she met Daniel at a McDonald's to "discuss a check he had received in both of their names and to pick up health insurance forms for their two young children," his father told the Associated Press shortly after her July 24, 2003 disappearance. Within days, the AP reports that the Jeffco DA's office was looking at asking a grand jury to examine the matter, even though no body had been found at that point.

Then, in September, Heather's severely decomposed corpse was finally uncovered from a shallow grave near westbound Highway 6, clad in the same outfit in which she'd last been seen. The body was in trash bags held together by duct tape with a rope bound loosely to her neck and wrist.

This development only increased authorities' interest in Daniel, who, during the course of the investigation, was hit with a forgery charge for allegedly writing Heather's name on a couple of 1999-vintage checks valued at more than $16,000. But the charge was dropped in November 2004. In reaction, Brian Smith, husband of Daniel's sister, told the Denver Post. "The charges were unwarranted to begin with. They were trying to harass him." Smith added that Daniel would be "a lot happier when he gets his kids back" -- something he hoped would happen at an upcoming hearing.

It didn't, according to Russell. She says Heather's parents, Dave and Carole Springer, retained custody, although Daniel had what she describes as "generous visitation terms."

Which only makes the information in the DeWild indictment, on view below, that much creepier.

Page down for information about the indictment, mug shots and more.

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Colorado has the death penalty.. Please seek it for all 3 scumbags!!!!

Ash Spaulding
Ash Spaulding

So was there DNA? Or is this all just wild speculation based on what we think was most likely, almost ten years later? 


There is no DNA, it is all speculation

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