Fracking is booming, but a friendlier name couldn't hurt. Drill, baby, drill!

The word of the year? Our money (and yours) is on "fracking," the shortened term for "hydraulic fracturing," a practice that shook neighborhoods (in some cases literally) around the country this year, and has fueled the oil and gas boom in northeastern Colorado. But if energy execs really want to drill deep into our collective consciousness in 2012, they should consider changing the term "fracking" to something a little less invasive...and a lot more friendly.

According to, "In a hydraulic fracturing job, 'fracturing fluids' or 'pumping fluids' consisting primarily of water and sand are injected under high pressure into the producing formation, creating fissures that allow resources to move freely from rock pores where it is trapped." There, that doesn't sound so bad, does it? All fracking needs is a kindler, gentler name -- and here are our top ten nominees.

10) Smooching.

9) Cuddling

8) Wooing

7) Cajoling

6) Fluffing

5) Persuading

4) Spooning

3) Stroking

2) Hugging

and the number one choice?

1) Tickling

Frack you!

Governor John Hickenlooper lavished some love on fracking in 2011. Read Alan Prendergast's"Fracking lovefest blooms from John Hickenlooper's gas play" here.

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kathleen chippi
kathleen chippi

How about taking the RA out and putting in a U and then we get what we will get once the ground water is more toxic and the earthquakes come.....we're being F*CKED and it seems to have something to do with lubrication.


how about Quaking? When the front range starts to get its first Earthquakes you will love it 

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