Reader: Fracking critics are taking things too far -- and trying to kill jobs

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Alan Prendergast's latest post about fracking, touching on how polluted water in Wyoming could spell trouble in Colorado, found those opposed to the process facing off against folks who see it as a safe job producer.

Here's a post from a representative of the latter.

Bert Orn writes:

I don't want a job if it contributes to my death. I don't want a job if it contributes to my failing health and thus feeds the healthcare leeches. I don't want a job only to feed the wealthy who will live longer than I. I don't want a job if my labor will only perpetuate the exploitation of my offspring. I don't want a job if my labor will destroy our free water supply. I don't want a job if it contributes to destroying mother earth so the wealthy can then move on to outer space to destroy another planet. Abolish NASA!

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Bert is a short term thinker.  Took er jbbs.....  Example:  A toy maker makes a toy that made up of potentially hazardous materials.  Now if it was up to oil and gas this is okay because its only potentially hazardous and we shouldnt have to disclose because how we made that toy is a trade secret.  Dumb and it would never happen in the toy game because they can actually make money with safe toys while the oil and gas has to influence and spend tons of money on lobbyist and political motivators.  


When the Front Range begins to experience Earthquakes lets see if he still feels this way. 

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