Kenneth Scott, abortion protester, adds national lawyers to defense team in clinic-blocking case

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Kenneth and Jo Scott.
Kenneth Scott, abortion protester extraordinaire, recently added more firepower to his legal defense: He is now being represented by the Thomas More Society, a national pro-life law firm. In June, Scott and his wife, Jo, were served with a civil complaint by the U.S. Justice Department, alleging that the Scotts had violated the law by blocking access to Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains in Denver.

Jo Scott, who was featured in our 2008 cover story "Planned Parenthood's Scheme to Bust Abortion Protestors," has since settled the case against her, agreeing to a permanent enjoinder against using force or the threat of it to hassle clinic clients -- not to mention $750 payments to two of the people she hassled.

But Kenneth Scott's case continues on. On January 26, his new lawyers (and his old one) will be in court in Denver, fighting a preliminary injunction that seeks to order him to stay 25 feet away from the clinic's entrance until the case is resolved, which could take months.

"The importance of a preliminary injunction proceeding is that it is often a bellweather for how a case will be ultimately decided," says Peter Breen, the executive director and legal counsel for the Chicago-based Thomas More Society. "If (the government attorneys) can't show that they're reasonably likely to win at a preliminary injunction hearing, they're going to have a heck of a time finishing the case."

Kenneth Scott is accused of walking or standing in Planned Parenthood's driveway on numerous occasions to prevent clients from coming or going without confronting him. He's also said to have shouted at clinic staffers and clients, telling them they were going to hell and calling them names such as "murderer" and "baby killer."

The Justice Department alleges that Scott violated the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act (or the FACE Act, for short), which was passed in 1994.

But Breen calls Scott's actions free speech. "We're contending the evidence will show Ken Scott did nothing wrong," Breen says. "Ken Scott remained at all times in the public right-of-way. He was fully in his rights; he merely sought to talk to folks. He didn't throw himself in front of cars ... All he did was wave folks over to try to talk to them."

Breen categorizes Scott's waving-and-talking as "counseling" and "assistance." "Most folks would agree that individuals seeking abortions ought to be offered assistance so they're not pressured or coerced into an abortion choice," he says.

To his knowledge, Breen adds, the Scott case is "the furthest that the attorney general has pushed the FACE Act." He thinks Scott may have been targeted because he "has a long history as an activist and he and the local Planned Parenthood have a bit of a history of going back and forth." He also thinks political forces are at play -- especially with the 2012 presidential election looming.

"This administration is an abortion-promoting administration," Breen says. "Supporters of abortion are the ones who got the president elected." And, presumably, the ones who will vote for him again, Breen says.

Read the complaint against Kenneth and Jo Scott below.

Jo and Kenneth Scott: FACE Act Violation Complaint

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The Truth
The Truth

Fact:Ken Scott (Kenneth Tyler Scott) is a convicted criminal and convicted deadbeatdad, and he has absolutely refused to even support his own children!  He has also been arrested for or charged withassault, domestic violence, and too many other charges to list here (many againstwomen).  Ken Scott also has several activerestraining/protective orders against him and has been in and out of jail mostof his adult life. 

Fact:Ken Scott (Kenneth Tyler Scott) has been previously committed to a mental institutionbecause of his mental illness and his aggressive, hateful, threatening andbullying behavior.  He even continues tostalk and harass people to this day because he is evil. 

Fact:Ken Scott’s (Kennth Tyler Scott) wife, Jo Scott (Jo Ann Scott, formerly Joann AKreipel) is a convicted felon and served Federal prison time after she wasconvicted of conspiring to BOMB a women's health clinic in California!  Ken and Jo Scott are a convicted criminalcouple!

Allof this is public record and available at the Denver County court (andCalifornia court) websites and offices (and this has also been confirmed by Ken’sown children and former associates who have quit going anywhere near them afterfinding out the truth about them), so any doubters about these FAKE Christians(but REAL terrorists, mind you) can research this and find out the truth forthemselves.

Fact:Ken and his little Jesus-hating followers and cohorts display large signs allover the road to harass people near women’s health clinics, and harass thewonderful people at the Komen race for the cure (which supports finding a curefor breast cancer) with pictures of mutilated children from war, miscarriages,stillborns and other pictures that they all knowingly falsely present as ‘abortions’and even falsely link abortion to breast cancer.  Lies, lies and more lies! 

Thesepeople are paid to be out there harassing and bullying people by Bob AdolphEnyart (also convicted and served time in jail for beating a young child untilhe was bleeding) of Denver Bible Church in Arvada, and they have the samebehavior as the people at the Westboro Baptist Church (the ones who protestsoldier’s funerals).


Samuel Stray
Samuel Stray

They will hang the Court Order(s) on the fence as well.The Republicans are fools for trying to reverse  Roe vs Wade.Do the Republicans realize 50% of registered voters are female?


you keep printing these accusations, but no link- and I can't find it anywhere myself. The FACT of abortion consequences, however, are more easily found online, and are NOT lies. NO one is paid at these things, and I doubtif he is the one exception. You are obviously hurting, but offering an option beyond something that has so many physical and emotional results to so many women (let alone to the baby) is not a bad thing.

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