Kyle Orton stages his own Tebow-like miracle against the Green Bay Packers

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Just a bad memory for Kyle.
The somewhat anti-climatic showdown between Tim Tebow and Tom Brady may have been the most hyped story of the week before Sunday, but it was the neck-bearded man who Tebow replaced who made the biggest headlines afterward -- by ending the Green Bay Packers's perfect season in dramatic fashion.

It was a sweet consolation prize newly-anointed Kansas City Chiefs starter Kyle Orton, a guy who suffered many indignities this year -- including billboards -- before finally being cut by the Broncos last month.

And Orton, known as much for boozing photos as Tebow is for the opposite, will no doubt carry that confidence with him in two weeks when the Chiefs come to Denver to battle the guy he replaced in the that dissed him -- and with the playbook that we're sure he still has a copy of (thanks for that, John Elway).

It's a potential match-up so delicious that even the New York Times weighed in on it.

We already know Orton will be the starter. Let the games begin.

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Yep, it's a great story.

I saw the game and was hoping Kyle could win his first start, against the undefeated defending champions. All the emotions of Romeo Crennell in his Chief's coaching debut, Kyle beginning what will be a long, productive career with KC, and the Packers under the pressure of that always miserable 900 pound gorilla, the unimportant but media hyped specter of an unbeaten season.

Green Bay was missing Jennings, true, but truth is, the Chiefs handed them their hats.

Kyle hit some big throws, his best back plowed in behind great blocks in for the clincher, and KC out hit the Packers all day. KC has a good defense, and they played lights out all day.

Orton deserved better than he got here. But in life, as Clint Eastwood said to Gene Hackman, "fair's got nothin' to do with it".

Orton had a great run in the '09 6-0 start. A year ago, despite the Broncos getting handled  every week, he was playing at a Pro Bowl level 'till he was leveled in London by a 49'ers blitzer and got his chest caved in. Still, he returned to the game and Denver rallied behind him, playing close to the end.

He's a tough guy.

He's just not in your face about it.

But with the evangelical zanies wagging the dog here, he never had a chance. It's on him that he didn't play well early here, but it's not like the deck wasn't rigged. What with the bill board, the personal attacks, the idiotic media drum beat and the christian agenda, and management cowering like the reptiles they are, he never had a "prayer". The overall atmosphere at Dove Valley was poisonous, divisive, negative, and vicious. Orton was vilified, as though he was the only one out there. But crazies got their way. And the move to KC was life giving oxygen.

 Coming in here and dropping 26-34 for 445 and 4 td's on the zealots in a 45-16 blowout KC win giving the Chiefs the division would be a failrly satisfying "what goes around comes around" moment.


"Deserve's got nothin' to do with it."

KC 24; Denver 6.


I like it.

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