Mark Udall proud The Daily Show's Jon Stewart agrees with him (VIDEO)

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Video below.
Politicians featured in comedy bits on The Daily Show don't usually draw attention to their appearances, given that they tend to come across as clueless bozos. But Senator Mark Udall's office actually wants constituents to watch the following video, about a provision of a defense bill that would allow indefinite detention of American citizens -- even if it places him on the same side as Tea Party favorite Rand Paul.

Host Jon Stewart sets up the segment, on view below, by joking about past efforts by legislators to tack dubious provisions onto bills like the must-pass National Defense Authorization Act. After that, we see Udall soberly decrying a measure that would allow U.S. citizens suspected of terrorist activity to be held forever, if necessary -- followed by a cut to a deadpan Stewart saying, "I agree with that."

By association, he also agrees with Kentucky Senator Paul, one of seven senators to line up with Udall on the issue. That doesn't happen very often. Like never.

According to the Udall press team, he's got workable solutions to address the detainee provision without prompting a presidential veto of the act. Click here and here to get his take. In the meantime, check out The Daily Show clip.

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Ironbolt Bruce
Ironbolt Bruce

Call to Action! Hire an attorney or use NaSI SARs to charge your U.S. Representative and Senators who voted for the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (NDAA: S.1867/H.R.1540) with "Seditious Conspiracy" under U.S. Code Title 18 Part I Chapter 115 Section 2384. Details here: http://KleptocracyChronicles.c... 


Thumbs up mark udall! America wouldn't exist without politicians like you. Detaining prisoners indefinitely without trial sounds like policy you'd expect from north korea, nazi germany, vietnam, etc, not america.

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