Metro State College's identity crisis continues, no new name yet

Metro State students are getting an unexpected lesson in just how hard it is to rebrand a beloved institution. Yesterday, the school's board voted to postpone by at least a month a final decision on a new name for Metropolitan State College.

The decision came after Corona Insights, a local research company hired by the school last month, presented the results of two online surveys with 2,520 responses from students, alumni, faculty and staff, as well as one-on-one interviews with community leaders. Corona tested four names: Denver Metropolitan State University, Metropolitan Denver State University, Denver State Metropolitan University and Metropolitan State University of Denver. None came out the clear winner.

"The board did what a really good board does," Metro president Stephen Jordan said in a statement released yesterday. "They have examined all the research that's been presented to them and have established a set of principles that will be used as a filter moving forward."

Once the board does move all the way forward with a new name, a bill to make it official will be sent to the Colorado Legislature. Last year, the board had submitted the name Denver State University to lawmakers, then pulled the proposal after University of Denver officials protested that it was to close to DU's name.

Eight months later, Metro's still in the midst of its identity crisis.

Metro officials might want to take a look at our "10 names better than Metro State's Latest Rebranding Picks." Or simply do this: Pick Metropolitan State University of Colorado. It reflects the expanded scope of the school, anchors it firmly in the state -- and leaves the recognizable start untouched.

And in the meantime, you can find more information on Metro's Strategic Name Initiative push here.

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Why doesn't Steve Jordan go along with his first idea-- that Metro State College should be called a "Hispanic Teaching Institution ?"  That is all the College is about-- no wait, correction---- it's actually about bashing "whites" and their cultures and histories.  If you are in any of that College's online classes*--  and you are a Caucasian (a "white") Metro's professors will try to whip you into line--  to try to make you insult everything about your race and culture.   

I had professor there who bitc*ed me out about criticizing the first chapter of our total junk textbook--  the chapter was entitled   "Europe: the people without history."  The prof who was an old drunk--  said WHAT DO YOU THINK IS MISINFORMATION about that chapter ?

geez, I'm at a loss for words. 

 Bashing "whites" and illegal alien running is all Steve Jordan is about. 

He runs a horrible, torturous whipping place--  

That's what the College should be called:  The Whipping Place

Or Jordan Enriching Himself on Financial Aid.  (yah, he's a big cheat in financial aid).  


I vote for Crack Head U.  I haven't had a raise going on 4 years.  Where is all of this money coming from?  Do you have any idea how much changing everything is going to cost?


The solution is a simple one... "Mary Jane State University."


I'm curious...  Did you graduate not knowing how to spell "unikorns" correctly?  You seem pretty bitter.  Did you wash out?  I'm sure your professor bitched you out for being an annoying douche and disrupting class over the title of a chapter in a book that may have actually been trying to make an ironic point about the hodgepodge of European ancestry and how the population's history is a blend of many put together.  Judging by the incoherent whining in your posting, above, I'd wager that you weren't clever enough to pick up on that.  Good luck.


Oh boo hoo that you haven't had a raise in 4 years.  None of the classified staff have had raises.  But you have a job...have you looked at what the unemployment rate is in Colorado lately?  You have your light rail or bus pass paid for.  How many employers offer that to their employees.  You have sick time and vacation time.  How many employed people don't get that?  You have a week off at the end of the year that is paid for?  How many state employees have to take unpaid furlough days.  Yes, it sucks not getting a raise...but instead of complaining about what you don't have in about being thankful for the things that you do have in life.


Really, DERP?  I think you and Lizzy Borden need to simmer down.  Do us a favor and don't talk about things that you don't know anything about.  I think Michael/Patricia should write an article on how much it cost Metro State to change their brand the last time they did it a few years ago.  (And then changed it back.)  How about a comparison to how much it's costing this time around, including the surveys, changing logos and such.  Perhaps they should hire a consultant to cut the fat.  And, there is plenty of it at Metro State.  This is megalomania at its best, folks - an absolute travesty in this economy


I agree with everything you say, Lizzy.  I'm just pointing out that I think changing a name for status purposes, just because you think you'll look better, is a waste of money.

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