Most memorable mug shots of 2011, part one

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robert young mug shot cropped.jpg
Photos below.
It's time at last. After preliminary roundups featuring a slew of mug shot collections, spotlighting tattoos, hairstyles, weirdness, intimidation, celebrities and notables, baby faces and women on the wrong side of the law, we offer up the most memorable images of the year -- an array so large that they wouldn't all fit in a single post.

Check out the first fifty below, complete with links to our original coverage.

Glanz, Buck - 092682.JPG
Buck Glanz.
Read more in "Marijuana bust: Richard Caleel among group accused of using MMJ as cover for illicit pot ring."

luke irvin chrisco mug shot.jpg
Luke Irvin Chrisco.
Read more in "Luke Irvin Chrisco, porta-potty creep: More charges for spying at DMV, Target (VIDEO)."

ann crall side by side mug shot.JPG
Ann Crall.
Read more in "Ann Crall: Cancer-faking Lakewood cop's wife pleads guilty to fraud, could get 15 years."

edna iddings mug shot.jpg
Edna Iddings.
Read more in "Mario McDonald charged along with 'grandma' Edna Iddings in horrific child abuse allegations."

Brooke Mueller.
Read more in "Brooke Mueller, Shmuck: Will she out-Charlie Sheen her ex in Aspen?"

Martin Parras.
Read more in "Martin Parras investigated for DUI, vehicular assault for hitting man also struck in hit-and-run."

Douglas Bruce - CAG.JPG
Douglas Bruce.
Read more in "Douglas Bruce, father of TABOR and controversy magnet, indicted for tax evasion."

Keith Nick Ruiz.
Read more in "Keith Ruiz busted in death of 2-year-old Dolci Gryshayeva, spokesman calls details disturbing."

eric barney mug shot 2.jpg
Eric Barney.
Read more in "Eric Barney accused of holding girlfriend hostage for two months, torturing her."

manuel mcgee mug shot.jpg
Manuel McGee.
Read more in "Manuel McGee allegedly got away with brutal rape for 3 years -- until his DNA betrayed him."

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