Most memorable mug shots of 2011, part two

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ronald muniz mug shot cropped.jpg
Photos below.
The end is not only near. It's here. Our annual mug-shot-a-palooza, which has included collections focusing on hairstyles, tattoos, intimidation, celebrities and notables, weirdness, baby faces and women who got crossways with John Law, led to yesterday, when we published part one of the year's top images. Now, our roster's second half is ready for closeups. Check them out below, and be sure to click on the links to view our original coverage.

dylan dougherty stanley mug shot new.jpg
Dylan Dougherty Stanley.
Read more in "Lee Grace Dougherty shot after car flip in wild roundup of the Dougherty gang."

abigail suber mug shot cropped.jpg
Abigail Suber.
Read more in "Abigail Suber, our shmuck: Pay me or I'll call immigration on you."

michael c Gilliland mug shot.jpg
Michael C. Gilliland.
Read more in "Michael C. Gilliland: Sunflower Farmers Market CEO resigns after child prostitution bust."

anthony garcia mug shot.JPG
Anthony Garcia.
Read more in "Anthony Garcia allegedly adds special ingredient to yogurt -- semen -- at NM Sunflower Market."

john nanni mug shot.jpg
John Nanni.
Read more in "Top 48 Boulder registered sex offenders (PHOTOS)."

tyrea taylor mug shot.jpg
Tyrea Taylor.
Read more in "Carl Hughes, Tyrea Taylor go on $200,000 spending spree using counterfeit credit cards."

Gonzales, Brittany.jpg
Brittany Gonzales.
Read more in "Brittany Gonzales accused of running over child, going back to get hubcap, then splitting (VIDEO)."

Santistevan Roberto 1.jpg
Roberto Santistevan.
Read more in "Roberto Santistevan busted in fatal stabbing of Crystal Crespin on S. Eliot (17)."

Haselrig-Graham, Tyrale.jpg
Tyrale Haselrig-Graham.
Read more in "Skyler Dematteo, Tyrale Haselrig-Graham did vodka shots with nine-year old, DA says."

lori waldo mug shot.jpg
Lori Ann Waldo.
Read more in "Lori Ann Waldo allegedly grabs bar staffer's balls, tells him she wants to f*ck his brains out."

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