Newt Gingrich so unpopular in Colorado that even Barack Obama could beat him, poll says

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Newt Gingrich.
Denver blog posts love America.

Colorado Pols cites a survey showing that the weakened Barack Obama would still beat Newt Gingrich by eight points if the election was today.

Denver Stiffs' Andrew Feinstein on the Nugs' 66-game schedule.

People's Press Collective's formula: Campaign finance & free speech + beer = LOTR Happy Hour!

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I don't believe those poll results.

After all, you can't swing a fake boob in Colorado without hitting a dude that looks like him (bloated, pompous, silver haired), acts like him (2 ex-wives, all left for "better" pinch-faced vacuous drones), and talks like him ("poor children should work their way through elementary schools as janitors").


I keep trying to tell you Obama's not weak, the Democrats aren't seen as in a defensive position, and the republicans are being rightfully demonized as obstructionists and as deliberately torpedoing the nation's economic engine.

We don't have a "do nothing President", but we do have a hold and stop obstructionist Congress.

People see that.

Gingrich is simply too good to be true as repub nominee. His personal baggage, his inability to hold on to a position, idea, or principle for more than a speech or two, his turn of the 20th century gilded age mentality, and his openly racist demeanor make him exactly the candidate I want as the red presidential hopeful.

It won't happen.

Gingrich is temporarily leading the red field because he's tapped into the modern conservative christian republican mentality of being the victim. Victim of everything, from religious persecution to media bias to activist judges to the war on christmas.

And nobody speaks for the white christian conservative's "plight" and victimhood like the professional millionaire victim Gingrich.

The incorrigible conservative loons that vote in red primaries and caucuses nation wide will back this twit while he's in, but when Gingrich suspends his campaign, keeping their contributions, reaping a windfall from his fake run, these idiots will back the next carnival barker the party trots out.  


Give me liberty (ron paul) not socialism (romney, gingrich, obama).


Get educated.


You've got to be kidding me.

Instead of advocating for this guy, you send me his website?

You're either ill informed or intellectually dishonest.

Having said that, libertarians are by and large republicans that smoke dope. Having a 3rd party split the red vote's never a bad thing.

Have fun with it.  



So, can you articulate any position Paul is taking about anything?

I'm really looking forward to getting into a Ron Paul debate with you.

Get 'er done.


Get liberated.

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